By Shannon “Che’Don” Ward

She’s hurt. She trusted you and believed that you would do the right things by her. You were friends and she felt comfortable and at ease with you. Then you changed that. You killed her trust with your lies, deceit, manipulation, anger, emotional, verbal and mental abuse. You changed that. You caused her to look at you as if  she was repulsed by you; she was. See she believes in REAL Friendship. She believes in the bond that friendship produces; a bond that shouldn’t have been broken.  All because you couldn’t look past your insecurities and be real with her. You didn’t trust that she would be there to catch you and push you back up. You didn’t realize the strength of the woman that had your back.Now, it’s over. She has lost respect for you and everything that you stand for. She saw the you that you tried so desperately to hide and she couldn’t stand it. She struggles now with whether or not she should destroy all that you think you created for yourself. See she stood back and watched you move, watched how you operated. She knows your weakness and the things that could break you. It would be so easy to bring it all crashing down on you.But…. she realizes as a Woman she carries life. She carries creation. She realizes that you need life; you need to be reborn. So instead of destroying and bringing death; she chooses to pray. She prays for your healing, for a new life for you. She prays that you become the person she felt you could before you showed her who you were. Thru her hurt and anger, she chooses to pray for you… This is the strength of a Woman.