Subtle Art of Adequate Writing

In my opinion, discerning between good and bad writing is an important skill for a writer. There are writers who don’t care about quality. Nowadays, quality takes a backseat to quantity in a society where people prefer to do things themselves and complete them quickly. No one seems to care about errors, bad punctuation, and illogical reasoning in publications.

Readers are interested in the quality of work. Agencies, editors, and critics are also interested in the work of authors. Your work will not be taken into consideration even if you are able to produce a million dollars with a lot of poorly written publications and a brilliant marketing technique. The fact that it’s possible to get famous by writing poorly is also noteworthy. It does happen, but not often. You’ll have more success finding readers and establishing yourself as an author if you’re able to produce quality work.

The Basic Criteria of Being a Good Writer

What, therefore, is good writing? Opinions on the subject are extremely diverse. Great literature will differ from poetic verses or good nonfiction in certain ways. The list consists of aspects of good composition that can be used as a guide.

  1. Organizing:

Written in a rational and pleasing manner, a well-organized work of literature isn’t just comprehensible. As far as the events or concepts are effectively structured, you can narrate non-linear narratives or position your theme within your article.

  • Pleasing Concepts:

Is your publication’s theme meaningful? Did your work have a theme? Is it possible for the reader to picture your poetry? Written work that is deemed well-crafted must contain concepts and topics that are easily identified.

  • Keeping It To The Point:

A good writer draws the reader into the story without leaving them confused and without them having to reread passages. It is important to stay focused on the plot or the story’s core idea rather than diverge too far.

  • Choice Of Words:

Writing is a craft that cannot be underestimated or undervalued; we must always appreciate our most valuable tool: words. Meticulous sentences and specific word choices are the hallmarks of good writing.

  • Having A Voice Of Its Own:

You are unique among other writers because of this. Writers are distinctive in their ability to assemble words together, formulate thoughts, and relate events or experiences to the reader in unique ways. Throughout any piece of writing, there should be consistency and identification of the author’s voice.

  • Signature Style & Error Free:

Several writers may ignore this point away, however, for a piece of literature to be regarded as excellent (much alone exceptional), it has to respect the laws of grammar (and breach those norms only whenever there is a legitimate reason). Style too is essential in assuring that a piece of literature is to the point and transparent. Make sure you retain a grammar guide and style pattern. They might come in handy.

  • Connecting Emotionally:

Good writing exhibits at least as important a quality as to how it affects the reader. What new perspectives and ideas does she gain from this experience? His eyes are filled with tears or, is he feeling a sense of victory when he closes the book? Your success as a writer is entirely determined by how readers respond to your work.

  • Plausibility & Integrity:

Factual errors and self-misrepresentation are the hallmarks of poor writing. To be successful as a fiction writer, the plot must be plausible, even if it’s unrealistic, and as a non-fictional writer, research-based on real facts and figures and secure a writer’s position.

  • Originality:

Almost everything has been done before, as a result, originality is rather subjective. Yet combining old-fashioned ideas and giving it your own original and creative touch to the literature’s best works is a skill that should be honed.

The truth is that these points are often disregarded. For instance, how would a customer recognize a particular eatery if it’s lacking its signature branding (logo, tagline, color scheme, etc.)? Do you want to tell your story from your own unique perspective or do you just want to get it off your head however it is possible? This is what you need to ask yourself.

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What Is The Distinction Between Quality Writing & Substandard Writing?

When it comes to writing, a writer must have the ability to discern quality from poor quality. As a writer, how can you evaluate your writing if you can’t make the distinction between average and excellent literature in other people’s works?

Writing is indeed a type of art, and as such, it is dependent on personal preference. What if you don’t enjoy a book but think it’s well-written? The writing of a publication you enjoyed may have been lacking, however.

Writing is an art form that requires comprehension of why pieces of writing succeed or fail, and it is equally important to observe the qualities of pieces of writing even if they don’t appeal to a writer’s tastes. Having these skills is essential when reviewing and criticizing the work of others and when reviewing, rewriting, and proofing one’s own writing.

Writing that is considered “good” is structured, contains factual information or well-thought-out opinions, has few or no errors in grammar, and flows smoothly. In addition to considering their readers and any questions that may be raised, a writer should take into account their audience.  Too many complex sentences are one of the factors that really should be avoided in quality storytelling as they may cause confusion, or the reader might lose focus mid-way.