The positive sensation of decluttering and its corresponding benefits hit a fever pitch following Marie Kondo’s Netflix show. Helping average people declutter their lives, typically starting with home hoarders, the show popularized the surprising benefits of organizing your life and environment where you spend significant amounts of time. 

But the benefits apply beyond people who stockpile mountains of boxes of useless trinkets in their home. In particular, decluttering can stoke self-starter types, like entrepreneurs and freelancers, to adapt better to the modern requirements of a more nimble and digital workforce.

“Moving away from cubicles and towards more collaborative spaces has been a defining characteristic of the world’s most advanced and cutting-edge companies transforming the landscape of modern workplaces,” details the Autonomous team in one of its recent blog posts

Autonomous is a leading smart office company that offers a retinue of adjustable standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and auxiliary products for entrepreneurs and startups to achieve a sleek, modern workspace. 

The company preaches the benefits of decluttering your office space, whether at home or on the go, and how it can help save you time, money, help reduce stress, and much more. 

The Lifestyle Bump & Economic Benefits 

It’s difficult to produce valuable work as an entrepreneur with a messy workspace. Some people, such as talented writers like Roger Scruton, thrive in disheveled home offices, for which Scruton was well-known following his passing. But those people are the exception, not the rule. 

The young generation of entrepreneurs today has grown up with the Internet. They are accustomed to high-tech, fast-paced work environments where clutter is a nuisance. Sleek, open office environments are the new standard for small startups, large tech firms, and ambitious entrepreneurs. 

And some of those organizational efforts pay off in subtle ways. 

For example, decluttering a workspace can save you time by making the area easier to clean and get started focusing on the tasks at hand. The added benefit of an already pristine work environment is that you’re also more aware of what you have and what you need. You don’t buy any duplicates of office supplies, and a minimalist-imbued office space can help prevent you from purchasing unnecessary accessories. 

Decluttering even opens up the work area to more space, which is conducive to improved decision-making, contentment, and being more mindful of your work efficiency. 

For example, Autonomous’ standing smart desks and ergonomic chairs, such as the SmartDesk 2 and Kinn Chair, are explicitly designed with a minimalistic hue that complements collaborative workspaces. Minimalism has actually shown promise in improving long-term happiness among individuals by reducing a consumerist mindset and makes maintaining an organized, decluttered workspace easier. 

A workspace that is tidy and open can also help spur creativity. Rather than sitting uncomfortably in one spot staring at a screen, minimalistic, open spaces like what Autonomous caters to can help induce mind wandering, and thus, better insights. It’s often an excellent practice to take short periodic breaks during your working hours, and that’s harder to do if you can’t stay focused on the task at hand because you’re disorganized. 

Standing office desks also encourage a more mobile work experience, where employees walk around and interact with each other more. 

Downstream benefits of modern workspaces absent of jumbled oddities also apply specifically to entrepreneurs, analysts, and other self-starter types alike — especially ones focusing on building new products with emerging teams. 

Cultivating a Positive Work Environment 

Entrepreneurs run their early operations on thin budgets. As a consequence, they need to adapt to external changes effectively and, in the early stages, make sure to retain top talent to achieve their goals. 

Traditionally, it’s been hard to retain employees by crafting a positive work environment in early entrepreneur stages. Offices are usually just apartments, dorms, or coffee shops at that point, and costly modern office environments are down the road of success. That’s where companies like Autonomous make an impact in the startup world. 

“Their pricing is incredible for this desk and it’s features, significantly lower than others of its kind,” says Seth Hartman, a Men’s Fashion Blogger and one of Autonomous’ influencer reviews. “Spending most of my day in front of a computer, it’s very important to have a desk that can move up and down to standing and sitting positions.”

Autonomous’ products are affordable and encourage open collaboration, which is also conducive to office happiness and less cluttering. Nobody wants to share a workspace with you if your desk is covered in useless papers and food. 

In fact, open office environments that are clean and high-tech can improve employee happiness, which extends to retaining employees in the long-run. 

“According to a LinkedIn study, replacing an employee can cost a company up to two times that employees’ annual salary,” details Autonomous in another blog post about employee happiness. “And when it comes to more senior positions, those estimates could increase exponentially when considering the direct impact on business operations and a potentially longer hiring process for a replacement.”

Beyond enhancing employee happiness, if you’re thinking about diving into the world of entrepreneurship, a workspace that you’re excited to immerse yourself is the optimal start.

Decluttering office environments from the start can go a long way in impacting everything from your overhead costs to employee happiness and decision-making. People often overlook the advantages of remaining organized, especially entrepreneurs with blinders on, only focusing on achieving their vision. 

Autonomous is acutely aware of the subtle benefits that come with a decluttered office environment. The company’s minimalistic, modern, and ergonomic products encourage a more sleek workspace — the type of office space that would make Marie Kondo proud.