During weddings, dates, birthdays and holidays an increasing number of individuals are glued to their phones and disengaged from their immediate company. And with smartphone use exploding across the globe, it’s only getting harder to connect with those around you. Surprisingly, the telecom brand, Vodafone is creating a movement that is making a change.

According to Brand Equity, Vodafone has launched the movement, #Lookup in India, to remind you that by constantly staring down at your smartphone you’re missing out on all the beautiful things happening around you.

It’s a sign of how far our conversation about our relationship with technology has come that a tech company sees the idea of looking up from screens and giving someone your undivided attention as a marketing opportunity.

The social campaign was structured around Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and Friendship Day. And on Valentine’s Day Vodafone had an optional ‘Vodafone Phone Valet’ at restaurants and ice cream stores, according to Brand Equity. The phone valet creates an opportunity for couples to connect with one another and experience the joy of interrupted conversation. That’s pretty romantic.

The campaign of 100 million individuals and growing serves as an important reminder to not miss out on your life because you are distracted by your smartphone. #Lookup. 

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