I sat there crying until I got to know my tears one by one.Coming out into the world, a world amuck with such disregard for human life, human love, tenderness, understanding, respect.I could go on and on but then more tears would come and my vessel which carries such raw emotion would want to retreat again.Back to a time that most likely never existed in our human realm. A time where every tear shed was graced by a profound oneness existing only in dream time amidst angels.To some people you are the sunshine. To others, the filth beneath your feet scourged by a hatred unencumbered.I sat there crying until I got to know my tears one by one.Each one extraordinary as though God picked me a bouquet of flowers from Her garden.Caressing my cheek as they strolled down with luminescent stories of each lifetime connected to them.Those were the same tears my mother cried, my grandmother, and her mother before her.The same tears my father shed, my grandfather, and his father before him.The same tears my ancestors gently wiped from their weary visages.The same tears that flowed from your face, your ancestors, your lineage.My tears were greater in story than they appeared at first. In sitting with them, I got to know myself more deeply than I had ever known before. More importantly, I got to know you. Each and every one of you. I began to see you. Oh my, how you radiate with such immense beauty.Every color of the rainbow, every voice of the ethers.Every child created in the image and likeness of God.Every child.
I think I will sit and cry again, so that I am able to hear more stories, stories about you, how precious you are to me, how loved you are despite the darkness which lurks in the shadows of ignorant minds.I want to feel those tears until every story in creation whispers their name into my ears with a voice so blessed by the heavens.A voice which hasn’t been heard yet in this realm,but whose destiny is unfolding as human love is being sparked again by a consciousness that connects every tear ever cried in human history.