We gave everything we had to the first part of this pandemic. We baked sourdough bread, we restarted our yoga practice, we organized.

And now, for many of us, we are finding ourselves drained and depleted during a holiday season that we never expected would be affected by this whole crazy pandemic. 

More lockdowns.
Everchanging rules. 

It’s exhausting. 

And now…it’s messing with our holidays.

My daughter was outside on Halloween hanging out with some friends and witnessed a little Buzz Lightyear walking with his mom crying saying, “I just want to go home. No one is home. There isn’t any candy. This is no fun.”

Remembering all of her wonderful Halloweens, she felt so sad for this little guy and thought this is not how the holidays are supposed to be.

I know, it does feel like that. 

However, this “supposed to be” experience is our heart’s way of remaining attached to a belief that life should be a certain way right now. When we can recognize it is our heart’s attachment that we are experiencing and that we are clinging onto a memory or a tradition that is not meant to be for some helpful reason this year, we can welcome in what is actually happening and find a place of unparalleled happiness in this present moment. This was the Halloween challenge. Letting go of our attachments. 

Now onto Thanksgiving. 

Where do we even begin? Are you feeling exhausted and depleted from surviving the last 9 months too?

I know I am and I have many energy tools and techniques I use at least twice a day to ensure my energy remains high vibin’ and I still have moments of exhaustion.

This is a tough time. 

So how do we regain our energy to make it through the next few months?

Drumroll please.


I challenge you to GIVE of your self this week. Do something kind and generous (extra points for unexpected) for someone this week. It is in giving that we receive exponentially.

I brought flowers to someone unexpectedly this week and it lit us both up for the day. I had so much energy for the entire day. 

Breaking out of our circle of pandemic crazy and doing something kind for someone else will fill you in ways you’ll never expect.

You will receive more than you give. 

I promise you. 

How can you give to someone else during this week of Thanks-giving? Embrace The Thanks-giving Challenge of giving. 

Can you bring flowers to someone?
Who can you call and check in on?
Can you go grocery shopping for someone? 
Can you write a letter to a loved one? 
What compliment can you give to someone? 

How will you complete the challenge? Choose to do one kind gesture this week and watch how much it fills you and provides you with ample energy for the holidays ahead. 

This prayer hangs on Love.Heal.Thrive.’s center wall for a reason: 

Master, grant that I may not seek
To be consoled as to console
To be understood, as to understand
To be loved, as to love with all my soul

It is in giving that we receive. We don’t just receive a little. We receive 10x as much as we give. 

Take a moment this week and step outside your comfort zone and give to someone else and watch how much energy you receive in return. 

Join me for today’s video, The Thanks-giving Challenge, to learn how we can increase our energy during this time exponentially! Share this giving challenge with your friends and loved ones to spread the love and energy we all so desperately need. 

Are you still feeling stuck on holidays past? Join me as we meditate on letting go of our attachments to our calendar, to the way life should be and to what would’ve happened so we can welcome in the blessing of this new state of being with this past meditation, What if? A Meditation on Attachment.

I wish for you a week of unattached giving, receiving and love and can’t wait to hear about your challenge accepted and what you did! 

Photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash