You can reinvent yourself. And rewire your brain. Download and install the new programs you have chosen. Neuroscience has proven this is possible. If you want to, you can reinvent yourself now, with words, thoughts, feelings, and visions of your own choosing. Rewiring your brain is a possibility and a process. With stillness and new thought patterns. Overwriting the Past. Altering your future. It’s time to begin what you’ve always wanted to begin.

It’s possible to start creating the New Now you’ve wanted for awhile (years, or decades, for some) in this moment. If you want it passionately enough, you only have to ask yourself one question. If not now, when?

Creating a New Now begins with trying out new ideas. And seeing which ones resonate with you. Reinvention changes your life. Just about everyone is trying to change their life in some way. You want to feel better, and wake up with new eyes of surprise. The world wants lives to be renewed, revived, and reinvigorated. Reinvention is as necessary as breathing, clean water, and staying healthy in the New Now. Use today in any way you desire. It’s time to rewire and recharge your brain, body, spirit. Your thoughts alter every part of who you are. Listen to your intuition. Reaching up to the next level is your daily human project.

Reinvention has become a life-altering idea. Now’s a part of the life and death decisions centered around how people live, grow, interact, and survive. Currently, Survival Mode is turned on and fully functioning. Because sometimes history comes along and makes adapting to drastic changes part of everyday life. Now we know how other historical and pre-historical events happened. Goodbye dinosaurs, hello Black Death, welcome fall of the Berlin Wall. In a matter of days or weeks, the lives of countless humans and creatures were transformed.

In the blink of billions of eyes, we’ve transitioned from the Digital Age to the Age of Reinvention.    And add to that, the Age of Light and Truth. Everyone has begun rewiring their brains, using thought patterns, ideas, creative flow. Directness and truthfulness of communication is now a high priority, since it’s a matter of the human species and eco-planetary survival.

Reinvention is about changing the course of how we respond to hard pressing realities like facing the worldwide humanity-made global climate crisis, and the massive culture shift of a global pandemic. In an ongoing reality touching every life on the planet, whole ecosystems are altering in ways they haven’t for millions of years. To debate this fact is like debating whether the sun will rise tomorrow, or the wind will push clouds across the sky. In this New Now, reinvention of one’s way of doing and being is  becoming more and more necessary.

Original digital illustration by Michael Foster

Inventors, creatives, builders, investors, makers, scientists, architects, planters, organizers, healers, visionaries­ – working together must combine talents on a global scale never attempted before…to massively change our world and repair what must be repaired. To fix things with hands and hearts, the way they used to be fixed. Global Unity must no longer be a far away pipe dream; it has to become melded together with the New Now.

Overheard on a street corner in Seattle: “It all started with two people in a room.” It could just as well have been: “It all started with two people in a basement.” Likewise: “It all started with two people in a garage.” Ideas exchanged with excitement and clarity are powerful tools. We’ve used these tools of the mind to arrive here, and possess tools and devices for instantaneous communication. We can sigh and exhale. All the connecting and creating that came before this exact historical moment can now be put to good use.

Two humans in a room, a basement, or a garage, aligned with dozens of humans in thousands of rooms,  and have reinvented the way people connect, communicate, build relationships, and transmit information. Fast forward to today’s New Now. Five out of five people sitting on a subway car or a city bus (or in the near future, a high speed rail) are staring down at a mobile phone in their hand. Each looking at different versions of our world. This world in turmoil and transition. And of course, sparks of joy and laughter and what makes each of us who we are inside. Everyone reinterprets life according to what makes them thrive.

The Internet gave us the Digital Age. The Digital Age gave birth to the Mobile World. The Mobile World is connected to your agile moving fingers, and spawned the Imaginative Digital Everywhere. Everything we experience in the form of streaming movies, music, talks, podcasts – all of it – everything digitized and moving invisibly through the air started from ideas, connections, collaborations, and creations. Across the globe, the Imaginative Digital Everywhere transforms, excites, blends with our evolving human minds.

Reinvention is about becoming who you wanted to be all along, and becoming who you’re supposed to be, according to you. Reinvention is a choice you make on your own. This is not to say you do it all alone. Nothing is done without ideas reacting to ideas that came before. The trick is to be tuned into the ideas that excite you and resonate in your deepest self most of the time. Whether heard in conversations, viewed on video screens, or read in books, ideas shift cultures.

For decades now – people, companies, organizations, have all spoken of reinventing themselves, or talked about the need to reinvent themselves. Some people talk a lot and produce no actions. Some people act, but don’t say a lot. Some actions pretend to possess meaning. Avoid endless circular meetings about nothing for the sake of your sanity and move toward the opposite. Seek out meetings, gatherings, and events with people seeking the creative loving world of the New Now. Meet in the place where two people with ideas talk and put dreams down on pages and then get them out into the world. Write it down, and then make it happen.

We built and shaped technology, and it’s shaped us.

Now we are relearning the art of slowing down and pausing. Fundamentally shifting who we are inside, we’ve slowed almost to a stopping point, so that we may begin again as the version of ourselves we’ve been envisioning for years. Stop and think about how you want technology to shape you. Scroll down the menu, and pick and choose from the Imaginative Digital Everywhere for the type of life you want. Stop and pick up a pen and a notebook. A pen you like the feel of in your hand, and a notebook with paper pages. Physicality matters. Write down your own pathway ahead through the changing world. Become a dreamer who is also a doer.

People have re-re-re-discovered how aware stillness is more important than distracted busyness. It’s common knowledge that the mind delivers answers when you let it rest in nature. Culture shifting ideas come to you during those times when you’re out walking, staring up at the ceiling, or just sitting on a park bench.

Reinvention often begins with asking the right questions. Question the accepted truths of your culture. Question your own questions. Question every accepted cultural norm. Question why things are the way they are, and how we got to this point. It’s the connecting of different types of people that want to stir things up, change how things have always been done, that makes where we are in history so amazingly interesting. People are waking up to the life-changing reality of making drastic changes to create the future world humanity will live in.

It would be amazing to possess the ability to zip ahead 500 years in the future and see how we made it through our current worldwide crisis mode, and developed into smarter, wiser, more intuitive, more freethinking, and more tolerant human beings.

In the meantime, we can envision this improved and wondrous future, and can make it with our minds. Which is the exact way everything has ever gotten made in this world. Reinvention is a form of time travel. It allows you to change yourself step by step, week by week. It’s your choice. By changing one aspect of your life, in a year, you’ve reinvented a large part of your life. You knew what you wanted from your life, and you reached for it through time. First you envision, then you grasp onto the reality. You were pulled forward by your own future, and these transformations were created by your own effort.

Welcome to the New Now. You’ve been expecting You.