When I get up in the morning, the thing I dreaded the most was looking at my phone and seeing a lot of negative messages from an ad that was sent out the night before. My prospects would be upset that they felt spammed or they felt like they are just a number to you.  Can you relate?   Now, the question I get from many of my peers is “what can be done to avoid these same results”.  This is a great question and one that will take a lot longer then 800 words so let’s start at the beginning.  The answer is…..

I am sure that many of the readers of this publication have been approached by a friend or family member looking to sell them some vitamins, essential oils, health creams, or CBD just to name a few.  We are in a new economy; the side hustle or gig economy has taken our social media by storm.   Everyday when we log into Facebook or Instagram, we see the next big thing.  Let me tell you, it is freaking annoying to get bombarded by friends and family, but it is also annoying when you are getting bombarded on social media which is the time away from your everyday life.

Let me set the context here in relation to the Third Wave.  The First Wave was the industrial revolution.  Products could be mass produced and the worker bees were happy to have a factory job to make money for their families.  Move forward about 70 years and we enter the Second Wave.  The Second Wave consistent of the internet and the ability to sell online.  No longer do we have to go to the stores to buy our stuff as large organizations provide us with a gateway into their inventory to purchase on-demand and have it delivered to our home. The organization was still in control of marketing and sales during this wave.  The Third Wave is the side hustle.  Organizations have figured out that they can hire out independent contractors or distributors to sell their product for them. Now, this nothing new as Amway and Mary Kay have been using this model for over 60 years.   What has changed is the delivery system and the way that people can make money. 

What are some steps to get into a side hustle?  First, let me first define a side hustle.  A side hustle does not have to selling insurance, products, or working in network marketing.  A side hustle could be driving for Uber, having a coaching business, working part-time as a tutor, or walking a dog.  There are many ways to start your side hustle just many relate it to MLM or Network marketing.  I am going to share with you the top three things to look for when starting a side hustle.

  1. The side hustle needs to make sense to you, and you need to be passionate about it.  (Without passion, the side hustle will dwindle as quickly as it began)
  2. It needs to provide some sort of benefit- financial, intrinsic, ego, or anything that you deem as a benefit.  (For me, it has to be financial.)
  3. I cannot and will not spam or prospect to my warm market.  (this is what many MLM and Network Marketing do)

I am sure that these three areas will be different for everyone, but I wanted to share with you my top reason especially number three.  Nothing bothers me more then bugging friends and family to buy, buy, buy.  Thank goodness there are programs out there that have embraced the Third Wave and have the same philosophy as I do.  In future articles, I will discuss how to research for side hustles, and I will discuss how these organizations are making a different without bugging everyone on your Facebook Messenger.  I will give you a hint- it has to deal with attraction.  I can finally look forward to opening my Facebook Messenger not because there is nothing there but because of all the people that are responding to me as well as those that are requesting help in these uncertain times. 

Dr. Daniel Zimmerman is a consultant, trainer at Daniel Zimmerman Consulting, Inc, and a university professor of management at many institutions around the world.  Dr. Zimmerman practices the art of attraction marketing in his business and is an avid network marketer with over ten streams of income. Please like him on Facebook at Online Business Trainer Pro.