The Three Cs of Life 

Earlier in my coaching career, when I was undergoing a personal transformation, I recognized that the conscious commitment to embrace change actually needs help from the subconscious side of things. September is the month of reinvention, renewal, self-awareness and self-care. Although this is certainly not the typical Fall season ahead, it is more important than ever that we take care of ourselves by creating healthy habits for our mind and body.

You have a Choice to take a Chance to make a Change


The only way that I was going to succeed with my personal transformation was to align my subconscious and conscious minds. I have always advocated with my clients that, at the core, we should serve others. I urged my clients to get out of their own headspace and do this, so it was time for me to follow my own advice. This meant a shift in my mindset, or attitude. If we can guide our mindset to a more positive place, our demeanor and actions will follow and be that much more positive.


My transformation was like hitting the reset button. I let go of my fears, creating a lighter, happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. I became more confident and started taking me time every day. As I began to show up more for myself, I showed up more for my family, friends, colleagues and clients. I started to attract more clients than ever and really felt in control of me. 

I still have days when self-sabotaging voices were in my head. However, those voices have become less frequent over time. When they have raise their unwelcome volume, I use several techniques such as breathing, meditation, or a five-second rule, which I will discuss more in the next part of this book. I have learned to recognize the triggers and, coincidentally, have learned to overcome them more efficiently every day.


The result is that I have changed. I have changed my way of thinking and how to put things in a better perspective. I have learned to find time every day to stop, think, and breathe. I think about the day ahead and set my intentions. I remember why I am grateful. I am a stronger, happier, healthier version of me than I ever was.

Those who don’t respect this new side of you should not be in your chosen circle. Surround yourself by your chosen team – those you fully trust, who are authentic, and will be there to guide and support you no matter what. Sometimes that can be a family member or a close friend. Remember that no one should make you feel like you are less so he or she can look better at your expense. 

It is never too late to create the life that you want to have. Be Authentic, Honest, and Unapologetically You! Don’t waste time because you deserve more. You have earned it! 

With Love & Gratitude Always,

Robin Joy

Robin Joy Meyers is a molecular geneticist turned fear strategist who empowers women to amplify their voice and embrace change so they can create freedom and fulfillment in their lives.