Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding, invigorating ventures that you could ever take..

It can also sometimes feel like you’ve been blindfolded, spun around 10 times and then sent to navigate your way down a narrow stairwell.

No matter what stage you’re at in business, there is always going to be challenges but when you’re first starting it can sometimes feel like it’s challenge after challenge after challenge.

When you’re navigating that stairwell for the first time, here are three key skills to develop to help you navigate those challenges and set up an unshakeable foundation so that you can create sustainable growth.

Developing a Growth Mindset

If you’re struggling to bring in consistent income, haven’t quite locked in your strategy to generate it and you’re caught in the cycle of trying to do a million things at once, at one stage or another, you fell out of TRUST with yourself and you’ve forgotten one key thing:

Failing forward is still moving forward. The best way to learn what to do next in entrepreneurship is trying something with 100% of your effort, seeing if it works and if it doesn’t – paying attention to why it didn’t work and applying that to your next move.

Here’s what to remember:

**HOW skilled you are at what you do, HOW much you DO know **HOW good you are at following through with your word to yourself.
** What DID work to get you to where you are.

Then with that growth mindset re-frame you’re ready to take it back to basics.

Ask yourself this:
// What are you SO sold on about your service and the way you deliver?

// What way of connecting and building relationships with your people feels best?

// What ONE marketing strategy can you lean into, focus on and commit to so that you can start to perfect your customer journey and become masterful at it?

Cultivate a Clear and Consistent Message

Here are two questions to help you access your messaging strategy in your business:

Are YOU clear on why your clients should hire you, how they can take the next step with you and why your service is THE BEST fit for them?

Are you sharing this message around consistently?

If you’re uncertain about these two questions, this is where you need to focus.

In order to market effectively, it’s important to be clear on why your service is the obvious choice for your clients and from there it’s about getting clear and consistent with your messaging and copy.

The secret to great copy is to leave nothing unsaid and to place NO responsibility on your reader to infer what you mean, or what action you want them to take.

If you can cultivate this skill of clear and consistent communication with your audience, you’ll be able to create consistent income.

This is how you future-proof your success, because even if you do hit a lull, you’ll have all the skills to ramp it back up and know exactly what you need to do to climb back up.


The way to create consistent income grow your profit margins in your business is to come back to your growth mindset and core message AGAIN and AGAIN.

This is momentum, this is how you grow your business exponentially.

No one has ever achieve great heights by throwing 100 things at a wall at the same time, hoping and praying that something sticks.

Yet, when you spend a few weeks here executing on one strategy, and then decide that because sales haven’t come through or the clients haven’t said yes that it means you need to change direction again (and again and again)

You’re not sticking to any one direction long enough to give it a fair chance to work.

When you commit to showing up for your strategy consistently and you’re willing to truly become masterful at it, your business grows. Full stop.

Yes, it can be that simple but it’s not always easy because it’s challenging (especially in the beginning) to show up for this day in and day out when you’re in the time gap of seeing the results.

But when you’re willing to truly lean into and grow these three skills you’ll have the know-how and the confidence to stay the path and that’s the not-so-secret secret to creating results in Entrepreneurship.