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Thrive Global : Hello Mr. Khavari , you are very welcome. We hope you are well.can you give a complete biography of yourself at the beginning?

Mojtaba khavari : Hello and thank you for inviting me to your good site,
I am Mojtaba Khavari (born November 8, 1996 in Tehran, Iran)
I am an Afghan singer, composer and songwriter who has spent most of my life in exile in Tehran, Iran.
And I started playing music professionally as a teenager
In 2019, by participating in the Afghan Star program (the largest voice talent program in Afghanistan), I was able to reach the second place among several thousand participants and I am very happy.

Thrive Global : Can you tell us about your goals and who your role model has been so far?

Mojtaba khavari : My only goal is to progress so that I can be a role model and a useful person for my country and be able to make new changes in Afghan music, and I think my role model has always been my mother because she always taught me how to stand up to adversity in life. Be victorious.

Thrive Global : When did you start making music?

Mojtaba khavari : I started playing music at the age of 14 academically and I have been professionally involved in art for several years.

Thrive Global : Do you have any art work after the Afghan Star Talent program and was any of your work broadcast?

Mojtaba Khavari : Yes, after the Afghan Star Talent program, I published my first work of art called Rainy Memories in collaboration with Erfan Mobini Aziz. And will be published in the near future.

Thrive Global : You said Erfan Mobini, Do you work as a team?

Mojtaba Khavari : Yes, my dear Erfan Mobini is one of my old friends who we have been practicing with for years, and after the end of the Afghan Star Talent program, I decided to start seriously with Erfan Jan and formed a group called “Mohan” and soon we will see work. You will be new to us.

Thrive Global : Mr. Khavari, tell us about your concert performances?
Do you have a specific plan in mind?

Mojtaba khavari : Yes, we had big concerts in Iran and Afghanistan, which were warmly welcomed by the people, and that made us happy, and we will also have concerts in Europe and Australia in the near future, which we will announce soon after the corona.