YPC Baby

When you have the opportunity to ask some of the most interesting people in the world about their lives, sometimes the most fascinating answers come from the simplest questions. The Thrive Questionnaire is an ongoing series that gives an intimate look inside the lives of some of the world’s most successful people.

Aakash Kumar Jha: Your legal name? How did you get your nickname?
YPC Baby: Preston De’Jon Allen & I Got The Name Baby P From Really My Family Calling Me Master P Since A Baby And I Realized It Was Already A Rapper Name Master P So I Just Used Baby Cause I Really Been In Love With Music Since A Baby And You Already Know Where The P Comes From I Mean My First Name Is Preston.

Aakash Kumar Jha: Where you from?
YPC Baby: I Was Born In Sunflower County I Went To School At Locker Elementary For A Minute But I’m Originally From Belzoni, Ms.

Aakash Kumar Jha: What are some of your childhood music experiences?
YPC Baby: Some Child Hood Musical Experience Was Rapping To My Aunt Who Passed Lol I Was Like 5 Or 6 She Always Use To Hype Me Up She Told Me I Was Gone Be A Big Star Everyday Though And I Guess She Spoke It To Existence.

Aakash Kumar Jha: What lead you into a career in Music?
YPC Baby: What Lead Me Into Music Was Just Nature. I Was Born In Love With Music I Kinda Think It Was Just Meant To Be.

Aakash Kumar Jha: What artist do you currently listen too and why?
YPC Baby:  I Listen To Lil Lonnie & BB.King I Listen To Lil Lonnie Because He Was Getting Ready To Open Doors For Mississippi  (Rip To Lonnie) But I Will Continue The Job I Kinda Think That’s Why I Go So Hard To I Really Looked Up To That Movement He Had Going. And I Grew Up Off BB King Every Year We Went To The Museum He’s A Legend In My Book R.I.P BB King.

Aakash Kumar Jha: Who are your biggest influence/inspiration in music today or before?
YPC Baby: Right Now I’ll Say I’m My Biggest Influence And My Own Inspiration Because I’m Making Big Things Happen The Doubters Thought I’ll Never Do.

Aakash Kumar Jha: What do you consider your style of music?
YPC Baby: I Didn’t Really Know What Type Of Rapper I Am I Had To Google My Approach In Music Its Like I’m Bluesy But Im A Rapper Though.

Aakash Kumar Jha: What is your most recent release?
YPC Baby: My Most Recent Release Is Baby P Featuring Big Boogie “ Counter”  & Baby P Featuring Lil Migo “ Po Up”

Aakash Kumar Jha: Other then music what is some of your other passions?
YPC Baby: Other Than Music Some Of Passions Is Being With My Creation , Taking Care Of My Family, & Hooping Lol I Was A Goat In High School Coulda Went To College And Balled Out!

Aakash Kumar Jha: Can you tell us a time when you faced adversities an overcame it, in music?
YPC Baby: An adversity I Faced In Music Was The Unreleased BB.King Song Lol I Was Trynna Find The Perfect Speed It Was To Slow At First But Once I Caught On To It I Put Magic On It .

Aakash Kumar Jha: What gives you energy?
YPC Baby: At the point when I’m on a phase a before a group of people I feel the vitality coursing through me, it’s such a benefit to me that I’m ready to follow up on organizing and be free. That being stated, the opportunity is the thing that gives me most vitality, the capacity to follow my heart and enthusiasm.

Aakash Kumar Jha: What is your greatest hope for the future? What is next for YPC Baby?
YPC Baby: My most noteworthy expectation is that I get the chance to develop more in my vocation as an artist. since I totally love what I do. Since I don’t have a crystal ball indicating me my future, I don’t have a clue what’s up straightaway. I will see and accept it as it comes.