No matter where you look—
near, far, up, down, out or in—
there is a bareness of being that
lives in the center of every ounce
of life, the way air waits inside
every bubble as it rises from
the deep. The way a small
pocket of worth waits inside
every attempt to love. The way
wonder waits in the center
of our heart for something to
wake it. The tone keeps ringing
in the center of the bell, long after
our ears stop hearing it. Whether
we know this or not, this is how
life moves through the living,
how light makes a branch grow
toward it. How a stream draws
a horse to drink from it.
How you draw me to ask
what it is to be you.

A Question to Walk With: Listen to a sound that calls to you long after it has left the range of your hearing and describe your sense of where that sound has gone.

This is the title poem from my book of poems, The Tone in the Center of the Bell.

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