Curating a life filled with gratitude can organically support you in creating a daily habit of personal and professional success.

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One of the most impactful mindset reboots that I work with my clients on is the concept of acceptance. Acceptance and gratitude are first cousins. Acceptance is about not simply tolerating life but actually leaning into your everyday with all of its quirky imperfections. Acceptance is about embracing change and choosing to control your responses and your energy. Acceptance is about forgiving not just others, but forgiving yourself. Once you stop tolerating and mindfully start accepting gratitude comes alive.

Below are a few of the perks. AND… if you are feeling a bit lonely, or isolated or insular in your business or personal life in 2019 or if you would simply like to be less fearful, then consider gratitude a tool for change!

The Benefits of Gratitude

  • You take action in the NOW. Gratitude grounds you in today and in what you can accomplish now.
  • You fear “less.” Gratitude cancels out fear. When you are focused on what you are grateful for, it becomes difficult to let negative thoughts in.
  • Gratitude is the soul of balance. A thankfulness outlook realigns all aspects of life. You engage your heart and your mind working together in decision-making, in life balance, and in accountability to yourself
  • Manifest into your life what you most desire. You attract what you want because you are focused on the possibilities rather than the limitations of your life. You begin to accept the unknown.
  • Being grateful releases anger and promotes confidence. Accepting more chases anger and resentment away, clearing the way for more harmonious relationships with others and with self. Being thankful enables you to reveal your true self because you are more confident, resilient and accepting of yourself and others.
  • Energy soars. Your energy enters the room before you do. When your energy is in the present moment it is uplifting, actionable, useable energy that lifts and inspires.
  • Creativity ignites. Your creative side has the opportunity to show itself when you are happily committed to the moment and engaged in doing things that promote the free flow and formation of ideas and projects.
  • Manage time with greater skill. Gratitude promotes less procrastination and judgment, and an increased ability to conquer projects and to-do lists with greater ease.
  • Empathy is born. When you have an appreciation for life, you have a higher emotional intelligence and a deeper ability to be there for others. Forgiveness becomes intuitive. Forgiving the past. Forgiving others. Forgiving you.
  • Leadership skills are heightened and sharpened. Gratitude promotes team spirit impacting a greater ability to work together with others toward shared successes.
  • Loneliness is abated. By definition, gratitude involves interaction with others. Thankfulness is often reflected in your connection to relationships with significant others, teams, businesses, or other aspects of the outside world. Feeling engaged in life is a direct offshoot of managing appreciation.

Try This Now:

  1. Create the ultimate one-of-a-kind holiday gift. Write a thank you note to 3 of the people who have made the biggest positive impact in your life in 2019. Do not use the words thank you! Instead search your soul for a way to put your own personal and meaningful stamp on the note. You will be expressing just why you are thankful for this person or business in your life. Dig deep.
  2. Now do the same exercise for 3 of the people or businesses that represent the biggest failures for you in 2019. Yes, you read that correctly. Failures. In these notes, detail what you are grateful for learning from that experience. Where have you been the recipient of grit and tenacity? How have you grown because of this interaction?
  3. Now once again do the same note writing exercise. This time you are writing a thank you note to yourself.  As you turn the corner on a new decade what do you most appreciate about YOU this year? What do you want to celebrate and applaud? Where are you most proud of YOU? Read this note out loud to yourself in front of the mirror. Hold onto it until New Year’s Day. Re-read it and allow it to impact your next decisions.


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