The Top Personal Finance Apps - Robert Henderson Jr. - Thrive Global

Saving money can be a challenge. Even when you cut out unnecessary things that affect your bank account, essentials like grocery shopping and gas money can surprise us by spiking unexpectedly.

Some people are not confident in their ability to manage their money. Thankfully, apps exist to help manage your funds so that you do not lack the necessities. All you have to do is download them on your mobile device and check them routinely.

Here are some of the best apps to help make managing your money easier.


With a subscription to YNAB, you can unlock many useful features to keep your money in control, such as plans and budgets, to help you get through the month. Not only that, but it also helps you learn to get through last month’s income, making you more confident with your funds in the future.


If you want to see the big picture of your financial situation, Mint is a good choice. After entering the information for your credit and debit cards, you can see how you are spending your money. The app also sends you email reminders for pending bills, helping you stay on top of your finances.


ClarityMoney aims to help stop you from spending unnecessary money to be secure in the essentials. It analyzes your spending behavior and makes suggestions for changes you should make. It also allows you to create different saving funds with other goals. ClarityMoney is like a wise friend helping you to make the right choices.


If you’re sharing a budget with your family, Spendee is a great app to help you manage how much goes in and comes out. You can create shared wallets so that each family member can see what is going on, avoiding a great deal of confusion and potential problems.

It’s no simple matter to manage your money, but these apps were designed to simplify everyone’s finances. It might take some time to adjust, but you’ll be glad that you gave it a try. Getting your finances in order will help you have a more successful financial future.