The technology industry has gained a very large community over the years. From groups to content and events, there’s something for anyone interested in technology. In this case, the popularity of podcasts is no exception. There are tons of podcasts highlighting the technology industry and what it has in store. Let’s take a look at the top tech podcasts to listen to in 2021.

This Week in Tech

Hosted by Leo Laporte, This Week in Tech, also known as TWiT, provides a weekly discussion on the most recent trends in technology. Many of the episodes surround tech news and reviews on some of the latest products to hit the market. Laporte invites experts to join him at his roundtable to share their insights and opinions. TWiT has won the People’s Choice Podcast Award in 2005 for the Best Technology Podcast and has continued to create amazing episodes. 

Azure DevOps

Microsft MVP, Jeffrey Palmero, hosts the Azure DevOps podcasts for any developers looking for something to listen to. The show targets developers and DevOps professionals who use Microsoft technologies or are seeking to get more familiar with them. Every episode consists of an interview with an industry professional who shares advice and tips on shipping out software successfully and swiftly.

Women in Tech Republic

Brought to listeners by Third Republic, this podcast started as an employee-led initiative to make a platform for women who are part of the technology industry. The goal is to share information and insight to help encourage other women to make their mark. Each episode includes women who are making tech more attractive by talking about their day to day in their work environment.

Software-Defined Talk

Brandon Whichard, Cote, and Matt Ray host this podcast where they dive into the infrastructure and enterprise of the tech industry. From DevOps, cloud computing, Kubernetes, coding, and so much more, these guys touch base on just about everything. The best thing about this podcast is that there’s a new episode every single week, and they already have more than 180 in their archive for you to go back and listen. If you’re interested in an entertaining podcast that keeps you up to date with the latest technology news, then this is the podcast for you.