Like all secrets, the best things are stumbled upon.

Deep Roots at Home is one of them. I stumbled upon this blog when I was looking for some ‘wise woman healing’. An article led me here, and I’m so glad about that.

There’s just something special about going home, no matter who you are or where home is, and this spot online feels just like home.

The passing down of generational wisdom is what we all need right now, with so much uncertainty about what is true and what is not in the world at large, everywhere, for everyone.

Something valuable that we seem to have lost is the image of the wise, all knowing woman on a farm, around a fire in the kitchen, sharing life, hope and healing (and the best recipes!) to generations.

Well today is your lucky day!

Meet Jacqueline, a gorgeous, accomplished mother, wife, healer, researcher, RN, along with many other things, as you can see in her bio, and most importantly, here is what she says,

“Lastly, truth is a passion. Dots are connected so you will see the truth unveiled. The aim is to include critical information that has been withheld from the public…”

truth teller.

In a search for the truth in what can provide us all with healing in these critical times, I interviewed some truth tellers:

Jaqueline of Deep Roots at Home, and Liat, a Functional Medicine Practitioner who provides healing from holistic knowledge, in conjunction with being a licensed pharmacist, and an expert at Lacuramor for natural healing.

I asked Jaqueline her about her life and blog, and I’m sharing some of our lovely conversation here with you, and I highly recommend you head over and check out her site. You will find a lot of very important information there.

PLEASE share it with everyone you know, sharing is critical. Getting the truth out, especially about antidotes for the spike proteins, now means saving lives.

How did you get started on your site?

This is a beautiful and inspirational story for anyone that wants to know “How do I find my purpose?”

Jaqueline described her start as saying that her intention was simply wanting to share the life experiences she gained by learning the hard way.

After visiting family in the Netherlands, she heard the term “blog” for the first time.

As an RN that worked with many people, she thought that what she had to say might be helpful for others.

Asking her son, “what is a blog?”, he told her, 

“that’s the way people write their story.”

“I feel like I’m supposed to do that,” thought Jaqueline, not even knowing exactly what it was.

She started writing about her family’s experiences on an organic farm, home schooling her children, and about the medical and health issues her kids were personally struggling with. When raising her children, there was no internet yet (!!) and her source was a medical book.

She realized that much of what was being done in medicine at the time was not helpful, and in addition, she spent years searching for the answer to; 

what to do in order to raise healthy, happy, emotionally stable and responsible children that would grow up to be great husbands, wives, and parents.

And so, the blog began, Deep Roots at Home.

Who was your inspiration for holistic medicine and methods?

Our son was exposed to mold when he was 4, and was categorized as ‘failure to thrive’. He went from being a bubbly, intelligent kid to a child that was crying, kicking, biting, being very unstable, and losing an alarming amount of weight for such a young child. 

I started digging in for any resources I could find to help him, and I healed him with the help of a key holistic person as a guide.”


Jaqueline started reading about homeschooling before her children were born, a book titled Better Late Than Early, by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore was her early resource. She included lots of play, love, cooking with mom, and simple things integrated into the day.

Medical Ethics

She then decided to find a natural way of health while making the rounds as an RN on heart cases. She saw things done medically and thought, 

“If I was a Doctor, I would never do that,” forming her opinion on what was ethical. 

‘First do no harm’ was not the norm, and she witnessed risky things going on, distracted doctors in the operating room and a lot of stress. Sometimes coarse or inappropriate joking took place in the OR during surgery, which took focus and attention off the patient. She began intensifying her search for answers elsewhere.

With another homeschool mom that was also a nutritionist and had a radio show, Jaqueline had an ally and what she calls her ‘big source’, and they know each other for 40 years now! 

After her newborn son got the d-tap shot, he screamed for 34 hours, and after that, none of her other children were vaccinated. She looks back at that incident with great regret, yet does not feel guilty, nor does she encourage anyone to feel guilty – “none of us knew!”

What do you write about and who are your readers?

Jaqueline lives in the Midwest on an organic farm, and says that she is guided by faith, and asks specifically for guidance on what to write and share with the public. 

“I have my ear to the ground, I’m a researcher, and love to learn, I’m hungry to learn, and always source back to where I get my information.

Astounded by the mix in ages of her readers, her followers are all ages and demographics, mostly 35-45, mostly women, yet 30% are men that are interested in topics of a medical nature. Her readers are younger and younger as people are finally waking up in the last year with the man-made virus, and want truthful information.

“People are hungry to know what is going on

More and more is being revealed about what’s going on behind the scenes.

We’re all busy with our world and now we had time to process – so people awakened to what’s going on. the longer this goes on the more the demographics vary.

“I decided to be myself.

“Many women today don’t have a trusted older woman in their life, and through time, it has become an online mentorship blog. While I can’t answer even most questions, the posts are intended to be counsel and encouragement.”

With over 600 posts, the blog took on a life of its own!

Final words from Jaqueline;

The main niche is medical, but I also write about parenting, homeschooling, gardening, women’s issues, faith, and lately, ‘what in the world is going on with Covid and the vaccine’!

I’m an empty nester, and my children are married with children of their own. 

This evolved into something big, and I believe that God can rescue the best and worst of us!

Check out some trailblazers, Jaqueline on The Antidote, along with Liat’s pure pine needle oil she prepares, and Bookmark Deep Roots At Home, you will want to subscribe and keep coming back!