The Truth About Fear


A lot of people won’t talk about it.

I WILL because you need to know this.

It’s OKAY to feel fear. Yep, I said it.

It’s important to think positive thoughts and to feel good and to surround yourself with people and environments that reflect that.

BUT it’s just as vital for you to know how to manage fear and other negative emotions when they come up.

You are human, and life isn’t always unicorns and rainbows.

I’ve been scared… really scared.

I’ve ugly face cried and thought WTH, how do I deal with this (insert scary thing here), so many times in life.

I KNOW you know what I mean.

But I don’t do that anymore.

When I’m afraid of something I face it, I run toward it, and I CONQUER it.

The difference for me now is that I know how to feel the emotion, understand why it’s there, learn from it, and then release it.

It’s okay to feel fear because when you’re scared, it means you are GROWING.

Before your most significant breakthroughs, you WILL experience the most resistance to change.

What’s NOT okay is STAYING in a state of fear and allowing that to hold you back from achieving your dreams. Having the happy, free, kick-ass life you deserve.

When you feel fear…

Let yourself feel it.

Understand why it’s coming up.

Learn from it.

Then choose to release it.

This is how you grow.

It’s okay to stop and visit, but DO NOT unpack and stay.

It’s up to you…

YOU choose.

Transformation is uncomfortable. You have to step forward into the unknown if you want to achieve your dreams.

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  • Jennifer Spor

    Intuitive Transformational Coach

    Jennifer Spor is a Transformational Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive, Writer, and Speaker. She helps women in leadership who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled to connect with their higher purpose, aligning their career and life with their values, passions, and strengths. Her experience in leadership and mentoring spans 26 years. Jennifer also holds certifications as a Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Light Body Practitioner. Visit her at or connect with her on Linkedin.