The TRUTH About How To Be Ready To Handle Increased Responsibility And Avoid Stagnating... Dre Baldwin

In late March 2020, a software-as-a-service app (whose general advantage is that it can serve more and more people without a linear, user-by-user rise in expenses— think Google or MailChimp) that I use was working incredibly slowly. 

I reached out to customer service to ask about it. They replied that a surge of activity in the wake of COVID-19 had caused delays in their delivery. 


In mid-May, I reached out again: the app was still slow, the same as it had been before. 

A different customer service person responded this time, but with the same reply: we’ve experienced a surge in activity since March, which is slowing our application. 


A lot of people say they want “more” — or, in the case of the faulty app, design their offering in such a way that they’re angling for more. 

More opportunity

More responsibility

More money

More attention

More success and recognition. 

Then they get it — and find themselves completely unprepared for the increased exposure. 

A former basketball teammate of mine told me a story of how he chastised his high school coach about his own lack of playing time. 

The coach responded by, surprisingly, giving the guy more time. The player had double-digit turnovers the next game (if you don’t know basketball, turnovers are bad). 

The player piped down about his playing time. 

The old saying is, “be careful what you ask for — you just might get it.”

I’d say, be prepared for what you ask for — because you’ll have to deliver. 

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