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What IS the truth about Wellness Coaches?

This is the million dollar question on many peoples lips.

You have heard of them, maybe even read about them – but it’s still not clear as to what a Wellness Coach does.

To be honest – aren’t coaches for football or swimming or even business?

And what does a good coach do for sporty people? A good coach will guide them, correct their stroke, their tactics, work on the way they are thinking and make sure they have the tools to succeed.

A good coach will give them the power to achieve what they know is important to them.

And…..the truth about wellness coaches?…..well I am a little biased.

Health and Wellness Coaching is no different

I am one of those Health Coachy people.

After over 30 years (holy crap!!) of working with people of all ages, both sexes with a huge variety of illness and pain and helping them get a grip on their lives, their health, their fears and their habitual thinking – It has now become a THING!

It was never a THING a short while ago – it was a case of hit and miss.

“You have high blood pressure – take these pills and don’t have salt”,

“You have Fibromyalgia – there’s not much we can do except put you on strong analgesics and anti-depressants”

“Arthritis? Take some ArthroEze (or whatever it’s called)”

“You’re depressed – here take something to make you feel better…”

Not all medical People do this – but from the people who come to me – many still do. And it’s real shame.

One of my clients was told by her Dr that to fix her vertigo she should have Coke and Fries! (no joke)

From my experience of being  one – the truth about Wellness Coaches is that we are there for you.

If you have a question – I will move heaven and earth to answer it for you – or send you to someone who can. Your health is my priority –

A Health and Wellness Coach fills that void between your chosen health professionals and you.

I support people in

  • Discovering your own strategies and motivation for change.
  • Overcoming your own obstacles
  • Helping you implement the advice your chosen health professional has given you
  • Or maybe you’ve chosen to begin your own protocols and need some clarification.

As an Integrative Wellness Coach I offer a more personal approach navigating throughout your needs and pin-pointing an area that needs the most attention. Not just diet – because Health is More than Just Food – but including lifestyle choices, habits, “stuck” thought processes, exercise, mindset and more.

Bringing your focus onto the habits that may be hindering you from moving forward. You can then create new healthy habits and reverse unhealthy ones.

The support of a Health Coach can make the difference between success and failure

wellness coaching

As a Wellness Coach I don’t advise you on your medications

Although I may suggest you have a good chat to your Dr to clarify some things. Discovering what side-effects some medications can have on your health is empowering.

Your health IS in your hands – even though it appears that we live in a very controlled society – the things you DO have control over is:

  • What you eat
  • How you exercise
  • Who your friends are
  • Managing your thoughts.
  • Breaking Habits – even life-long habits
  • Making new healthy habits that serve you well
  • Being brave
  • Taking risks
  • Your words
  • Who you choose to marry
  • Even how many kids you have! (I blew that one!!)

Our society is far more liberal than you know – it’s the blinkers we put on that prevent you from living a full and unhindered life!

truth about wellness coaches

I have met a few people who have done just that. One man who had a horrible car accident and lost almost half his brain (yes his entire Right Temporal Lobe – the one where speech is kept). I first met him when working in Intensive Care as a Registered Nurse – then followed him to the Neurological Ward.

He was a “vegetable” for a long time, but his family kept coming in to tell him jokes.

One day he smiled (no joke! pun intended), then he opened his eyes, then he sat up, then he TALKED (this was an impossible achievement made possible) then he fed himself, washed himself and the last time I saw him 4 months later – he was walking – with his family.

This still brings tears to my eyes.

The determination, the love and the sheer confidence that he would succeed – no matter how IMPOSSIBLE – was unspeakably extraordinary. (the Drs were entirely baffled – it was before Neuroplasticity was recognised).

He didn’t have a Health Coach…..but he DID have the support of his family 1000%

They believed in him, rallied for him, supported him when he was in pain, screamed for his success, cried with him, laughed with him – they WOKE HIM UP for god’s sake.

Their love for him was something I’ll never forget.

This man chose to make a huge change in his life – he chose to LIVE according to his own rules. He didn’t take no for an answer – he found a way to do the impossible.

THAT is what I do – I am in your corner – rallying for you, clearing away your confusion, clarifying WHY it’s so important to LIVE the way you choose – and not take your diagnosis with a “meh – it’s what happens when you get old” attitude.

You want change – oh my god – so do I – Change is wonderful and we live in a place where it’s possible!!

Take control of your life. Be brave, take risks, step outside of what you know to be impossible and make it real.

You can do this – I’m by your side– I KNOW I would have been able to move forward far quicker with someone batting for me while tackling my health problems instead of muddling along by myself (which took many years)Wellness Coaches play a crucial role in the reversal of the Chronic Disease epidemicClick the link for your free Health Discovery Call and it will be the best thing you’ll do all day! – Plus you’ll find out what I do!