Will you work for your current employer forever?  Let’s face it; you won’t.  One day you will leave whether it is voluntarily or involuntarily.  However, that is sometime in the future and to continue your success your focus needs to be in the present.  To help insure that you are doing everything in your power to live in the now, we are going to write your two-week notice today.

     The reason we are going to write this today is because it will set an expectation of how you will work today and all the days to come. Whether you submit this letter 10 days, 10 months or 10 years from now you have a desire to be consistent in all of your endeavors.  You have been given a great privilege to be employed and you will make sure the company exceeds its return on investment with you.  This forward thinking will set in motion your stellar performance.

     This letter will be written to describe how you want things to be regardless if they currently are or not that way today.  By writing this letter you will set your intentions which will allow everything you desire to attract towards you.  So, if this letter doesn’t sound like the current state of your employment do not worry.  Revisit it often and you will begin to see these things come true. Whether it is by action on your part or that of your employer you can have the experience describe below.

     So here it is, your two-week notice:

Dear employer,

     I am writing this letter to inform you that my last day of work will be in two weeks. This decision was made with conscious thought and with no malice.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here but the time has come for me to move on.  I’m proud of our time together and would like to explain some of the things I am most proud of if you don’t mind.

     First, I am proud that every day I came to work I had full belief that with the new day came new opportunities.  If I made a mistake in the past it was forgiven.  Even when I did great work, which I did often, I did not rely on the fact that it would automatically happen again.  I took every previous day as another day of wisdom that I brought to the current day.  I always felt like a new person and I appreciate you facilitating that environment.

      Second, I am proud to have worked in an environment that had full faith in all of our abilities.   When faced with some unsurmountable tasks the team always had faith that we could deliver.  That belief was always refreshing.  I will always remember the times when we could have easily quit but we didn’t.  It is still hard to believe how many miracles happened at the right time to get us over so many hurdles.  It was as if something greater than us was always looking out for us.

     Third, I am proud of the way we thought about every opportunity we faced.  There was always a sense that anything was possible. We didn’t worry about the competition because we always knew there was more than enough to go around.  With the right ideas and timely action, we always got our piece of the pie.  We never felt as though we lacked anything.  If we needed something we always knew eventually we would find a way to get it.

      Fourth, I am proud of how much I appreciated being a part of this organization. I am grateful to have this experience on my resume.  I am grateful for the long nights and the many hours.  I am grateful for the team building events and the opportunity to travel. I am grateful for all of my many bosses, peers and employees I led.  I am grateful for the development programs and all the training.  Thank you for helping me become a better version of myself.

      Fifth, I am proud of the decisiveness we showed throughout the years.  We got a lot done.  Together we set many goals, completed numerous strategic plans and implemented multiple change management campaigns.  There was no time for busy work.  Every project we completed had a well-defined intent.  From process improvement to e-commerce to high risk sales, we never wavered from our commitment to excellence.  Having this time together, helped me hone the skill of doing things right.

     Finally, I am proud of what we created together.  During my time here, we’ve written on every white board.  We’ve analyzed all the insights.  We then held the brainstorming sessions and captured all the great ideas.  Then we took the best ideas and vetted them out.  Some of those ideas passed all the gates while others were abandoned in one of the various stages.  Nevertheless, through innovation and hard work we were able to make many ideas transform to reality.  Some of my fondest memories will always surface whenever I see one of our great creations.

     Well, once again this is my notice. In two weeks I will walk out of these doors for the last time with a smile on my face.  I appreciate everything we have done together in the good times and even the not so good times.  My experience here has been a great opportunity to grow.  Your decision to take a chance on me will never been taken lightly.  I thank you for that decision today and for all the days to come.  Hopefully our paths may cross again but if they don’t always remember I wish you the best and I remind you to enjoy the journey!

With Gratitude,