That dream company whose vacancy you recently applied for has called back and want you to attend an interview. Now you have to get ready to ace the interview and show them what you’re made of.

Preparing for an interview goes way beyond the typical research of frequently asked questions. You need to be mentally prepared. Have in-depth knowledge of the firm, its products and some history. Also, be fluent in communicating why you are the best fit for the position. Other than that, you have to look the part. Don’t just show up with some random creasy suit. First impressions have a significant impact.

In this post, we will discuss setting yourself up to secure the position.

Analyze the advertised job position and match up your skills

Yeah, you already read over the job posting. However, go back one more time and scrutinize it to have a deeper understanding of what the company is looking for in a candidate. Have a list of the knowledge, skills, personal and professional qualities that by the employer is looking for.

Once you’ve done that, think about the skills and qualifications that you have that equip you to excel at the position. Match the list of requirements with your assets. A list of up to 10 qualities will do. These assets should include personal and professional qualities, certifications, other abilities, and experiences. You can bring up these assets to the employer while answering a question.

To back these skills up, come up with several concrete examples from your experience, where you best demonstrated them. This will ensure you are ready in case the employer asks you to explain when you used these skills to do a remarkable job. Showing your employer what you have achieved and how you operate will propel your bid for the job.

Prepare the interview questions

Whether this is your first job interview, or you are used to attending them, this stage is essential. Questions like: “Why do you think you are the best fit for the job?” “Tell us more about yourself?” or “Why do you want to leave your current job”, are some of the most frequent questions. You want to nail every section of the interview.

Research other questions that you’re more likely to find in an interview and jot them down. Go through each one and figure out an answer. Don’t come up with a random and vague answer to get through with it. Come up with complete and convincing answers and practice saying them aloud.

To practice better, look for a friend or family member to act as the employer. This will help much better as you will practice in the real interview setting. If you know the format in which the interview will be conducted, practice in that format. For instance, if it will be conducted over the phone, get the friend to call you and practice answering the questions on the phone. If it is a panel interview, have a few friends act as the panel.

This will go miles in showing how ready and confident you will be in the actual interview. Your answers will also be more structured and precise as you will not be trying to come up with the language and framing the answers.

Get your interview clothes ready and decide what to do with your hair

Don’t wait until the final day to prepare and iron your clothes. First, you need to know whether the company has a formal or semi-formal dressing culture. If you happen to have a friend or contact person in the company, ask them to give you a heads-up, so you show up as one of them. If not, you can try hanging out at a café nearby and catch a glimpse of what they are wearing.

Your hair is also another vital part of your look. For men, sorting this is as simple of visiting your barber and getting a decent haircut. For ladies, however, this might be a long and torturous process as you try to come up with the most appropriate hairstyle. You can research on hairstyles for medium and long hair, as well as short curly hair to find inspiration on what to do with yours.

Key Takeaways

The interview is an essential part of your job searching process. A relaxed and stable mind is a key determiner in this process. You need to prepare well by matching up your skills with the required qualifications, expect the interview questions and come up with answers. Also, prepare your clothes in advance and pay attention to your hairstyle.