More often than not, our lesson plan, at the very least, seems to be highly individualized. Our guides may not appear to be spiritual at all. They may be angry, violent, dishonest, manipulative, anything other than the attributes we attach to spirituality. But, when we seek a truly spiritual experience and want to embrace our spiritual being, we may find that the path to the light is consumed in darkness.

Remember, we need to become committed and determined to see things differently. What if we chose to see the abusers, offenders, and the dark ones as the bringers of light? What if we decided to see their anger as fear, their rage as terror, and their screaming as a small child’s tear-filled plea for help? Can we possibly commit ourselves to see our abusers and offenders differently? Can we then see that anyone can be deemed a teacher at any time, and spiritual lessons can come from the darkest of times? If we can be open to this possibility, then life can become an endless spiritual adventure.

Our personal stories do not define us, but they can and usually do determine our particular lesson plan. And, the teachers we are led to will be determined by our individual needs. Even though our teachers and our current lessons may differ, the goal does not.

Our mentors and guides come at different times and in varied ways. But they appear at just the right time with the perfect message if we are listening.

It may be challenging to wrap our minds around an idea so opposite the way we have thought our entire lives. It may even be more difficult if our circle of friends do not support our new path. But, how well has it served us to justify our bitterness, hatred, and rage toward anyone? What if the assailants in our lives only entered our lives to remind/teach us of our desperate need to remember love?

Is it feasible to even dream of being able to see someone’s offenses as calls for love and to also respond to their calls with expressions of love? Can the offenses be the lesson we seek?

Can we forgive the unforgivable, love the unlovable, and rise above the hateful voices that scream that our barriers of anger are justified?

What are your answers? Do you believe it? Are you ready to try?