Few things can possibly be more powerful and valuable than obtaining mental clarity. The ability to think in a way that is devoid of the noises and distractions of the commercial and industrial lifestyles in our society is truly a gift that has great practical import. Through the chaos of our typical day-to-day cycles, it’s rare that we’re able to step back and actually think with peace and serenity.

For those that reside in metropolitan cities, parks can be terrific and even ideal venues for engaging in such constructive thought processes and exercises. For the most part, parks are ideal environments for peaceful thinking because they are far more quiet and allow those frequenting them the ability to think more clearly for that reason.

Without the bustling noises of the city streets; between the subway traffic and car traffic and all the associated pileup, parks provide city residents of any major metropolitan city an opportunity for a proper respite. Noise cannot only prove displeasing in an aesthetic way. It can also prove to be unsettling for one’s level of productivity and calibration of personal priorities.

For some, the distractions that noise poses can lead to making rash decisions in one’s life that one would otherwise not make under normative circumstances, or in a vacuum. For this reason inhabiting a peaceful environment that is quiet affords one the ability to think clearly, which in turn provides a myriad of different valuable benefits.

There’s no substitute for clear thinking and certainly no replacement for obtaining mental clarity. The advantages associated with mental clarity are vast and can have real substantive positive consequences on one’s life in a variety of different ways.

Helen Schifter is a former editor and arbitrage trader on Wall Street.