Mentorship Led Me To Success

Facebook has uniquely achieved what no other company has —it has connected the world like never before. Facebook is where I found the know-how I’ve used to find success in digital marketing, this being a far cry from where I started.

Like most Americans, my family and I had to leave construction and real estate due to the 2008 financial crisis. We lost the family business, which led me to seek odd jobs. I eventually found myself leading the sales and marketinf department at an investment brokerage firm.

My passion for mentorship and applied marketing science grew from there.

The People Place Around You Are Invaluable

Mentorship has kept me going. To keep your focus — i.e. a positive mindset while striving — the resources organically placed around you are priceless. And by resources, I mean the people. The people placed around you are invaluable. I, fortunately, had access to many encouraging voices at my times of transition.

Seeking out mentors led me to the Fiji Agency Accelerator 2019 — a profound life milestone in my life. I had landed in the South Pacific to learn from leading marketing industry professionals. A 70 person retreat with attendees from all over the world, we spent five days exploring how to run Facebook ads.

Facebook was a tremendous resource for finding guidance. And fate has been kind, as I’ve also been able to build marketing science expertise with the same resource. My firm, Brahvia Consulting, has been able to harness Facebook’s ad power. We’ve helped clients — that have become friends — find immediate success. One of my favorite success stories has been working for a woman entrepreneur. We helped focus marketing efforts for her Australian supplement company. Her life was changed after we grew her revenue grew by 300% within 5 months, all done through FB ads.

Peer-To-Peer Mentoring Led Me To Success

Mentorship and mastermind groups led me to sustainable success. Of course, it took a good while to get a digital marketing firm, with a special focus on Facebook ads, off the ground. Brahvia Consulting and its success is something I steward with thankfulness. I continually seek opportunities to offer the same peer-to-peer mentoring to others. In 2008, I had reached the end of myself with an unexpected loss. But the heights of knowing accomplishment from such lows is unimaginably refreshing when faced with it. The riches of achievement are found in how you conquered your fears.

I’m A Believer In Believing

I’m a believer in believing – it takes faith to leap into the unknown. Real success is found in the richness of relentlessly going forward, even if rewards aren’t immediate. Mentorship affirms you’re staying on the right path. Only being guided by the echo chamber in your own mind can only get you so far.

Learning is a part of the Process

I have spent much time and resources in learning and being trained from peer-to-peer mentorship. From webinars to in field training, sharing knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving in all directions. Belief, faith, and perseverance to reach out and grab these teaching resources is what led Brahvia Consulting to FIJI.

I believe any problem can be solved.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness

That most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

Life is a constant word problem being thrown your way, and mindset matters most when facing the challenge. Community events help us be strengthened in knowing that learning is apart of the process. Trusting in the process and being fully present in the moment, including being tunned into the community around you.

About The Author

Brandon Fargo is the owner and CEO of Brahvia Consulting. You can connect with him on FacebookInstagramLinkedin or Twitter.