A noticeably motivational quote boldly appears upon a deeply red, maroon shaded sweatshirt hoodie, indirectly, subtly grabbing my attention, strongly stating, ‘women belong in all places where decisions are being made,’ paying the ultimate tribute to the late, great Supreme Court judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, better known as the confidently, rightfully, notoriously named, crowned, ‘RBG.’ 

A singularly framed, crafted image of her face (including a judge’s naturally long flowing, black robe and a strategically placed, white necklace) observantly characterizes the front side, as if perfectly dedicated to the rule defiant role model and the boundary breaking ‘game changer.’

The usually, busily trafficked streets of Washington D.C. provide a lengthily comfortable, safe gathering place of ‘Covid 19’ aware, mask bearing, appropriately, distinctly dressed individuals proudly, peacefully protesting not only this year’s much anticipated election, but also, a bravely impossible feat, permanently filling a legend’s now unfortunately, fairly, convincingly, temporarily vacant, empty seat that is definitively considered up for grabs.

Voices passionately reunite for a uniquely valid, valued march on the national mall and the capital, rewardingly symbolic of a poignantly classic, reflective, inspired, continuous American serving democracy. 

Repetitive, respectively, routinely led, loudly projected bullhorn chants prove the recognizably existent, accurate, majorative success of a formally unified message significantly brought forth in the clutch through the specified familiarities of countless hay, pumpkin, leaf filled state and lettered avenues (commonly featuring favorite, distracting, spooky, matching Halloween decorations) by countless hay, pumpkin, leaf filled state and lettered avenues.

Saturday’s efficiently altered resilience productively parallels the brightness equally shedding an effectively positive, shining light on the newly embraced, delicately crisp, cool Autumn/Fall, partly cloudy, sunny weekend sky above.