There are numerous benefits of being in love like holding hands through the toughest times of your life and binge-watching Netflix, and these effects are visible enough.

But alongside the obvious advantages, being in love also has tremendous positive impacts on your physical and mental well-being.

How is being in love improves your life?

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 After all, being in a healthy relationship can help you in so many ways, like

  • You feel happier

According to the results of various studies, love has the potency to boost our happiness levels. The hormone oxytocin increases the feelings of bonding, warmth and contentment and love actually has a hand in boosting the production of oxytocin levels. That is why when you spend quality time with your partner, your mood brightens up making you incredibly happy.

  • You live longer

You must have heard the popular saying that married men live longer, well turns out that is somewhat true. But this only holds true as per studies, only if the relationship is healthy and full of positive synergy.

But even if you decide not to believe in the results of the studies, then can you deny the fact that a healthy relationship would gift you a partner with whom you can spend the lovely years of your life?

For the ones who believe that being married would give a longer life to make new memories then don’t let someone else convince you otherwise, keep hoping for the good things to happen!

  • You age with grace

Aging is not a thing anything is in love with, but if it is with someone you love and who loves you, it can be a bit more likable process. As a part of a study conducted by the University of Missouri interviewed young and old married couples as well as singles. The results confirmed that married couples rated their positive and mental health higher compared to those who are single or in unhappy relationships.

  • Best stress buster

Despite sitcoms telling us repeatedly that marriages are a source of continuous headaches and stress, a study conducted displayed contrasting results. We often feel ourselves to be stressed owing to our chaotic lifestyle and cortisol, the stress hormone is to be blamed for this. When the University of Chicago conducted a study to find the link between stress and marriage they were shocked when the results came in. They found that the individuals who are in committed relationships and marriages were much less stressed than others and their cortisol levels proved this fact.

  • Love can take care of your mental health

A California health survey agency conducted a study that encouraged same-sex couples to participate in it, and the results showed that the participating couples displayed a lower probability of developing mental illness than LGBTQ singles. But researchers say that this theory also holds true in the case of heterosexual couples.

But anyone, even if they are in a happy and committed relationship, can often be a victim of mental illness. However, interestingly, if they have a partner by their side, their struggles and recovery can become easier.

  • Being in love safeguards you from pain

When someone in pain looks at his/her beloved or even a photo of their love, their pain seems to soothe down, a study says. The research suggests that the ones who don’t have a romantic partner in their life seem to be affected more by pain than the ones who are seeing someone romantically. The scientific justification is the production of dopamine which increases whenever you fall in love. Dopamine then goes on creating its own bunch of natural pain killers which mellows down the level of pain.

  • Your relationship keeps your heart healthy

You have always heard people say that heart is a metaphor for love and turns out it is true in a literal sense as well. If you have a good and healthy relationship, your heart would be healthier. When the research was conducted by the European Society of Cardiology, the outcomes suggested that marriage reduces the risk of heart attacks in both men and women.

The reason behind this is when you have a partner you tend to look after yourselves inside out and when some health problem kicks in you are encouraged by your partner to go to the doctor.

Apart from all these benefits, you would also be able to have a healthy sleep cycle and you will sleep better and longer. Also if you administer any wounds due to any minor accident, your recovery rate would be comparatively faster.