As I wrote this article we were stunned by a big bang. A beautiful lorikeet flew into the window and fell to the bottom floor onto the ground. We went downstairs to try and help it. It was conscious but it’s wing was broken.  We saw two little baby birds in the branch of the gum tree above, looking down, waiting for the parent to come back to them. 

The subject of this issue – ‘It’s all about you’ is a topic close to my heart. Having dedicated my entire life’s work to helping people to uncover their true identity, message, and to attain the personal, spiritual and financial freedom which comes when we truly trust and love ourselves, – I felt compelled to share some of the insights I have gained in my 25 year journey as a Consultant and Strategist.

We are groomed to fit in through our experiences of life. Our innate and natural desire to grow, our creative spirit –  is evident as we watch the way kids explore the world with curiosity, with wonder. They express themselves naturally, not being self conscious about their silly dancing or singing. They play make believe with complete focus, engrossed in the moment, unashamed. They get messy!

Then we grow up. We go to school and then are conditioned to an ‘employee’ mindset. Rules, rules, rules. (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia – sorry couldn’t resist a random Brady Bunch comment). 

We start out hopeful, inspired, and then we experience unexpected challenges, rejection, disappointment, job loss, health issues, a lost business. We fail. 

We must not ‘water’ our disappointments, but we must water our dreams.

You are amazing at what you do.  Your clients tell you, your team tells you. But the reality is… You’re so frustrated – with yourself, with the fact that you’re not where you want to be. You see people doing things you dream of doing. Take the first step. 


The first step to gain the trust of clients, of a tribe, to influence your team, your peers, those you look up to, to be paid well  – is to wholly accept and believe in yourself.

When will you finally give yourself permission to believe in you, to take that next land!

To overcome the fear of being seen or highlighted – with all your human faults. 

Decide to continue to build your personal brand, to collaborate with people you admire.  Decide in your heart that it’s finally, finally time to take the risk and start that business, go after that stage, make that call, go live on social media.

What the world needs now – is love.

The world needs the real you. With what only you can bring – spiritually, emotionally, commercially. The human you. The part of you that has been hidden.

The kind of you who would run to help a neighbour if their house was burning down – unaware of how you looked or felt in the moment. The kind of you who sings with your friends or plays your guitar or stands on a stage and shouts your message to the world.

What would happen if you were truly doing what you want to do, working with people you love?

What is the one thing holding you back?  Is it a skill? Maybe you need more practise to master sales, or experience in speaking. 

What inner healing do you need for past wounds that stop you from feeling worthy of a bigger income.  

Have you outgrown your tribe? Are the people around you pulling you back?  Who will you seek out to  celebrate you, applaud you.  

Are you vulnerable enough to find a mentor or coach that you respect? Are you investing in yourself?


NO – the fancy marketing tricks, fake and shallow coaches,  contrived rags to riches stories – none of it works. 

Are you clear about your offer, or your ideal fit client? Have you niched deeply? 

I remember one day walking along the bush track behind my house and I saw a bright red beetle on the ground.  I thought to myself that being discovered as a brand, requires us to be like that little red beetle. Not camouflaging our true colours. Being vulnerable – even in the perceived danger of being seen, judged or attacked. Now is not the time to be timid or concerned, if you have something to bring which is unusual, creative or different.

If you want to be known, be seen, be heard, be paid – a decision must be made. 

The decision to speak your truth. The day that I realised I had to stop worrying about being so ‘nice’ and recognise that the fastest way to my ideal client was to fully express my spirituality, my personality (songs and all) my ideas, beliefs and my unique way of coaching – was the day I landed my first 6 figure gig.

How is your money mindset? 

What rules, baggage and beliefs have you absorbed.  You can’t carry other people’s baggage into your ‘new land’. 

What has it cost you to continue to try and do something on your own without a great supporter or coach. When I started to spend money on getting the help I needed – I grew. Two off my clients recently made 6 figures in a few months. Mentoring works.

What fuels you?  Do you have enough variety, self expression, connection, growth, adventure? 

The journey of true entrepreneurship requires more agility and tenacity than ever before.  Are you tenacious?


What is a ‘mantle’? A mantle is more than a brand. It’s the spiritual authority you carry because you have conquered and overcome something. It’s the gifts and practical skills you have. It’s the unique way you talk. Your signature process. It’s EVERYTHING about you!! It’s the vision that you can’t let go of. It’s the calling.  It’s your personality. I call it your KINGDOM BRAND… The signature brand – your true DNA.


What do you want most in your life right now?

What do you feel certain about? 

What specific areas in your business do you need help with.

What do you love about you?

Do you know how to create a product, articulate your value, express what you want in terms of money or sales?

Are you clear about the problem you solve. Is it relevant?

Do you know how to structure your message in a way that connects quickly with your tribe?

Are you confident to sell – if not – how can you build your skills and fast track your sales?

What is the dollar figure  that will give you freedom in your life?

Maybe it was timely that I saw this little bird. 

The people who need you – will know your voice. Just like a bird has a unique sound – so do you. But it must be clear, it must be distinct, and it must be authentic.  When you whistle – they will hear you sing. 

The little birds in the tree need your love, your talents. They are your future clients, your team, your boss, your company, your husband, wife, your kids. They’re waiting.

When will you start to fly again?

© Copyright Louise Taylor 2020


  • Louise Taylor

    High Performance, Wellness and Sales Mindset Mentor

    With extensive experience in how to rapidly move through hidden emotional and sales barriers & identify commercial opportunities - Louise's Taylor's knowledge of what drives human behaviour & spirit has earned Louise the opportunity to coach experts, teams, business owners and executives all over the world. Founder of the Identity Program©, Money Mindfit™ and Neuro-Flow© technique, Louise uses neuro-science, & an unrivaled depth of intuitive coaching tools to help you break the bad and build the good. Her clients include HCF, Nutricia, St Vincent De Paul & many more in the Health Sector, Direct Selling, Church, Sporting, Retail & Fitness industries. Louise is engaged to speak to large companies on how to elevate sales & build a connected, courageous culture by rewiring the mind & redefining the way people think feel and behave. Strategic Advisor, Speaker, High Performance Coach Certified HBDI™ Practitioner, Neuro-flow Practitioner, Songwriter and Author - Identity Program Suite.