When people describe someone they like, they often mention their qualities. One of these qualities is something elusive they can’t explain. That indescribable quality is known as the X factor – and it is the main key to being perceived as charismatic. 

In other words, it is a set of unique qualities that differentiate this person from everyone else. If you want to be perceived as charismatic,  influential and likable, start working on the following personality traits. 

Be easily approachable

For some reason, people present themselves as pretentious in daily interactions. It appears that people think that a mean looking expression is cooler than a friendly expression. If you send off foe signals with your facial expression, people won’t interact with you. Instead, wear a friendly face so people can come up and easily talk to you. 

Once they do, try to give them your focus and attention. Listen with intent. Also, expressing emotions, whether positive or even negative shows that you can put yourself in their shoes and empathize. 

Express your genuine interest and emotions

Once a person strikes up a conversation, show your genuine interest. Let them speak instead of just waiting for your turn to speak. Charismatic people know the importance of making the other person feel like they are the most important in the room. 

So listen actively, look at them and give your empathy if needed. Also, ask questions to show that you care. This will make them feel comfortable around you and you’ll make a good impression.

Radiate positivity

The following quote by Robert Brault perfectly explains this:” Charisma is not so much getting people to like you as getting people to like themselves when you’re around.” This is where body language speaks instead of you. 60% of all interpersonal communication is achieved by body language. 

Start with your posture – stand up straight but in a relaxed manner. Show confidence by taking up space – stand with your feet slightly apart and have enough space to move your arms around you. Don’t fidget or cross your arms. Just own your swagger and control the movement of your body. 

Lean in if needed, or touch someone on the shoulder or arm to show reassurance. Keep the tone of your voice neutral and smile with your eyes even when you are not looking at something funny. 


Confidence is what makes a person influential, as well. People who are labeled as confident are like that because they like themselves. They are not afraid to be in the spotlight, on the contrary. They stand tall, look people straight in their eyes, smile and talk with self-assurance. 

These people are positive, enthusiastic and always consider their glass half full. They like who they are and constantly work on their self-improvement and the qualities that give them that X factor. They don’t just look confident, they are because they are not trying to be anything else but themselves.

A warm and friendly smile

Smile is among positive body language signals. People who greet you with a smile on their lips and smiling eyes are more likable than people who are grumpy. A genuine smile helps them establish a confident impression. The confident impression is what gives them that X factor. However, many people hide their smile because their teeth are crooked or even missing. 

This is a huge blow to a person’s level of self-confidence. But, a simple consultation with your dentist can restore this minor insecurity. There are many aesthetic solutions available like natural-looking pfm crowns and bridges or other solutions available at a quality dental lab. When you restore the power of your smile you will solve all your insecurities. 

Dress well and own your style

Charismatic people pay attention to how they present themselves to the outer world. They dress well and own their personal style. An outfit that looks good on you will increase your confidence. It will also affect the way you carry yourself and interact with other people. 
Personal style is also a language we speak to the world. It says that you have a unique personality, interesting character, and are passionate about life in general. It is a form of self-respect, too. 

Now that we’ve presented you with the traits of charismatic and influential people, it is time to try these for yourself. Practice these tips in your daily interactions with people. For starters, try smiling more at people you meet and talk to. Just allow your X-Factor to shine because every person has their unique and amazing one. If it is hidden, work on it every day and it will shine in full light soon.