the year of writing for you

Write a book to change the world. Change a life. Make a difference. Make an impact.


What if none of those reasons resonate with you?

Does it make you a less caring, empathetic, altruistic person if your primary reason for writing a book – isn’t other people?

No, it does not.

It simply means that you’re more internally than externally motivated. That’s nothing more than a different way of being.

This might also mean that people like me – on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to write a book – might not be speaking to you in your language.

I’ll admit it – I see the possibilities of a book through a very large lens, hence all the “changing lives” talk. And all of that is true by the way. But maybe the “bigness” is a little intimidating.

Especially if you’re already nervous about the idea of somehow writing and finishing a book and here I am saying, “Yeah – and by the way, your book needs to be big enough to change lives too. So add that to your to-do list…”

Am I describing you?

If this is you, even a little bit (which doesn’t rule out the possibility of changing lives by the way) here’s another perspective to try on for 2020…

Do it for YOU.

Write a book because you know you have one in you.

Because you’re tired of carrying around its weight.

Because it’s a personal story you need to get out, or emotionally let go of.

Because it’s a really cool story idea that you’re really excited about and can’t stop thinking about!

Because you’re up for a new and exciting challenge outside your comfort zone.

Because it will help you promote yourself and your business better than a business card ever will.

Because like Mount Everest, the mountain of becoming an author is there to be climbed and you know you’re one of the few who can succeed.

Because who knows how far your ideas can take you?

Because if other people why not you?