There is an old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” There is no doubt success is found through consistency and persistence. Success is always on the other side of obstacles.

Knowing that success is a result of overcoming, is there ever a time when you should quit trying to achieve something? Is there ever a time when you should simply move on? If so, when do you know if that time has arrived?

The answer is not as simple as a “yes” or “no.” Yes, there are times when you should stop trying and move on. After all, it was Einstein that said, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.” However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream.

If you have invested in a business with the intent to make a profit yet the business continues to cost you more money and time, it can be difficult to decide how much longer you should continue to try. You must first determine if you have tried everything. This includes the possibility of bringing in a consultant to help you turn the business around. Before doing this, you must be willing to take the advice and do what the consultant suggests, or it will be both a waste of time and money. Maybe you need to hire someone with more experience than you to run the business for you. This could turn the business around, while teaching you in the process.

If you feel you have exhausted all options and are still hesitant to quit because of all the time and money you have invested, you must ask yourself, “Knowing what I know now, would I invest in this business again?” If the answer is no, it is time to cut your losses and get out.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of being a business owner. You must step back and find the lessons in the adversity you faced. You will discover through reflection there are lessons you learned. Think of your financial output as tuition on a business education. With your education, you’ll be better prepared for your next business opportunity. The only way you really lose is if you don’t put the lessons learned to better use next time. Your next business could be as a consultant. You can help other business owners from making the same mistakes you made!

You can use this same strategy in determining whether you should stay in a relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship, you should get out no matter what. There are organizations and churches that you can turn to for assistance. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Your life may depend on it. It can be even more difficult if there are children involved. No child should live in an abusive environment. If you think you are hiding it from your children, you are wrong.

If you’re in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling, you must ask yourself and your partner if you are willing to work on improving the relationship. You both must be willing to work on yourselves to improve the relationship. You cannot wait for the other person to change. You can only change yourself. You can change and learn to accept the other person’s actions or lack of action. You cannot change your partner or anyone else.

If you are not willing to change and your partner is not willing to change or work on improving the relationship, it is time to move on.

Too often, couples choose to stay in a relationship until it becomes so toxic that love turns to hate. There is no reason for this. It is better to part as friends with some love still in your hearts and respect for one another.

I understand that religious beliefs and commitment come into the decision making. I respect that. In every post I make, I am sharing ideas. I am providing my perspective. My hope is that you will take my ideas as well as others and then make up your own mind.

In any situation, whether it is work related or personal, staying in it simply because of the time invested, is a disservice to your future and the rest of your life. You cannot get back the time invested but you can change and control your future.

If you’re an employee, take these same considerations into account if you are no longer happy with your employment. The time you have invested is already spent. You cannot get it back. You can be grateful for the experiences you’ve gained. You now know what you like and appreciate as well as what you don’t like or will no longer tolerate. The only time you have control over is your future time. You can decide how you will invest it.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“Your past does not equal your future unless you decide to stay there.”

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