In today’s world, most of the markets and industries around us are oversaturated. This is not to say that there aren’t true talents within every field, rather what it implies is that to make yourself stand out from the rest and be recognised as an individual, you have to offer something extra- something which is truly unique to yourself. Professional photographer Azzy Doon has understood this concept very well and has implemented a solution to this issue quite early in his career.

Growing up, he would often find himself mesmerised by the beautiful city life all around him, and would feel his heart yearn to capture those sights forever. Although Azzy Doon regrets having to keep those moments only as memories, his passion for photography now allows him to turn those moments into images that will always stay the same, never fading away even after years have passed. Through the lens of his eyes, he chose the things to portray through the lens of his camera- to share with the rest of the world and show us, how lovely things can be only if we learn to look properly.

Azzy says there is nothing in this world more powerful than you yourself are. And it is my hope that the words I will share with you today and the meaning behind them will help you, not only to deal with the ups and downs of life but also to see yourself as you truly are: Powerful, Courageous, Unlimited, and Divine.

“Ups and downs are part of life, part of our humanity. They teach us to stay grounded – centered within our Sacred Self, and centered within our Being. And they remind us that the peace we so desperately seek Out there, is already Within ourselves.

A common myth however is that happiness is based on the quantity of these ups and downs. Most believe that the more good moments they have rather than bad moments, then the more happy they will be overall. But this isn’t necessarily true. Life isn’t about the exact quantity of ups and downs, but rather how smoothly we ride between these inevitable ups and downs he said.

Understanding the inevitable ups and downs in your life is a great starting point in building more equanimity and inner peace. Pay closer attention to your mood, and you’ll find there are many small ups and downs we experience nearly everyday he quoted.