Many women shy away from their greatness where finances and wealth are concerned due to not wanting to stand out or be different than others in their partnerships, marriages friendships and families. Drop all shame or guilt around having more money or wanting more money than those around you.

Truth is there really is nothing more sexy than being in control of your own money, or your families wealth. Educate yourself on money, investments, your financial options.  

Clarity is power so ask questions and research. Simply ask questions until you fully understand. There are no silly questions where money is concerned so free yourself by asking a lot of them. Also research is so empowering if you want answers hit up the bookstore or your own local library. If you really want to take your financial power seriously commit to reading one book about money per month. 

Watch your thoughts about money and around people who have it. Through negative past family programing you can be attuned to feel a certain way towards money that may have been past down for generations through your emotional DNA. You see just as our physical genetics are handed down through our DNA so is our emotional information. Really did deep into your families money story what patters do you see? When we gain clarity on our families and our own money stories than we are in a power position to think differently in order to get a new result over money.

Don’t fear money. Money is only an amplifier. It amplifies your character at a soul level. If you are a good person and are of high integrity money will amplify that so you never have to worry about money “changing” your character as its not possible. So allow money to come towards you in abundance. 

Commit today to allow your money power to increase and grow, because its just so darn sexy!