There’s nothing better than spending a lazy day with that someone special, according to Fuller French. The musician’s latest EP, Champagne Rendezvous, is the most seductive and passionate work from his musical career thus far. The expressive album is a desirable and sensual addition to the summertime experience of his listeners.

Featuring songs like “It’s Just the Way Things Are” and “I’ll Leave a Key by the Door,” Champagne Rendezvous fulfills the romantic and intimate feel of French’s personal sound. The album’s songs work together to create a lustful, yet delicate atmosphere for his audience. The affectionate and tender lyrics of his new music enhances the drawing nature of French’s aura.

French’s latest release follows his 2017 debut album Something Wonderful. The creation of his latest album was a challenge, he said. While striving for perfection, French said he learned of significant and personal features that better his music.

“What I’ve learned over the years, though, is that it’s never perfect,” French said. “I could chase that forever but what’s more important is the performance, the emotion and feeling I put into it. I try to convey those things in the way I sing.  It’s real. It’s pure. And, hopefully someone special will think it’s beautiful.”

French’s music can’t simply be classified into an existing genre. Instead, he creates his own impactful and revolutionary sound. French’s music influences the wandering imagination of his listeners. Yet, his musical endeavour was also originally a lifelong dream that was craving to become a reality.

“There’s a dream that I keep dreaming, I hold the picture in my heart, and if it takes some time for me to make it happen – I’m gonna go that far,” French said.

French’s latest music can be found on all major streaming platforms. Follow him on Instagram at @fullerfrench or Facebook at @fullerfrenchmusic.


  • Rachel Dares

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