There are thousands of industries that are based off of “quick fixes” for some of the most essential things in life today. From food and fitness, to ‘get rich quick’ schemes that are almost always a sham, shortcuts are something we seek out as a remedy for our impatience in seeing change.

As humans, if we can have something in 48-hours versus two-years, we are going to opt for the 48-hour option. We want our change, and we want it now. That’s one of the reasons why so many people will fall for scam diets that promise massive weight-loss results in just one-week. We want that dream body, and we want it yesterday.

The truth is, though, that nothing worth having ever comes easy. As personal trainer and fitness app developer, Wioletta, puts it, “there’s no shortcut for hard work and discipline.” There’s no special serum or medication that can produce the results we want to see in our lives. But, the problem is that we don’t want to hear that, accept it, or face it head-on. It’s not something we can wrap our brains around.


As humans, we are designed to find shortcuts that save us time and energy. It dates back to survival – if we can reserve our energy for finding food, fighting, and staying alive, then we are more likely to live on. As experts from the National Geographic Channel stated in this article, “people’s brains take shortcuts in the name of efficiency.” 

In many ways, these shortcuts can serve us well – like using an automation software to send out emails. But, in other ways, they trick us, like when it comes to health and personal development. These health tricks are what inspired Wioletta to dedicate her life to sharing this information and making more people aware of their potential when it comes to strength, fitness, and wellness.

The Embodiment of Self-Discipline

Pursuing her own fitness journey as she uncovered her true passion, Wioletta quickly became an example of self-discipline, hard work, and consistency. “There are no shortcuts when it comes to personal health, and I am careful to never sugarcoat that with my clients. I try to motivate them and push them daily, because I know that is the only way to achieve the health and fitness goals they desire.”

Watching client after client express dissatisfaction at the reality that there are no shortcuts with health and weight, Wioletta wanted to do something to aid in the process. In an effort to be more of a daily motivator and someone who emphasizes hard work to her clients, Wioletta developed and released a personalized fitness mobile app. But, more than just a fitness app, it includes personalized coaching packages and community access so all participants know they are not alone in their fitness journey. 

“My app includes programs designed specifically for each person, so they know they are supported the entire time,” said Wioletta. “There is no easy way to reach peak health; but in a way, that’s what makes the challenge so fun.”
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