What’s the best thing that anyone has ever given you? What made it so special and how have you been using it?

“One of the most precious gifts I could ever give anyone is knowledge; knowledge to be able to create their own success story. Material things exhaust—and quite easily if not handled properly. But knowledge, no one can take that away from you. And you can use that over and over and over again to keep multiplying your success,” shares Cody Sperber, one of the country’s leading real estate investors.

Sperber is also an educator, U.S. Navy veteran, CEO, author, and celebrated philanthropist. Together with friends and fellow business giants–BioTRUST founder, Joel Marion, and angel investor and Elevator Studio’s CEO, Dan Fleyshman–he has brought together some of today’s most innovative and successful businessmen in the name of giving back to people and helping them get the knowledge they need to create their own success story. The product? 100 Million Academy.

This newly launched online learning platform has been dubbed by experts as the “Netflix for business leaders” and for good reasons. It gives anyone access to wealth of information that can help them multiply their investment and increase their income straight from experts who have each made profits of more than $100 million. It offers all sorts of essential information, including culture building, lead generation, investing, social media marketing, even personal branding, and memory hacking.

100 Million Academy is a knowledge bank that professionals, entrepreneurs of all levels, and aspiring entrepreneurs can take advantage of while on quarantine. It equips people with information they need to thrive in the post-Covid-19 world.

“Have you been hurt by this crisis? We want to help you. Entrepreneurs need to stick together and lock arms and who better to lock arms with than successful entrepreneurs. One thing we want people to understand is that 100 Million Academy is not an online course that teaches the newest fads or unproven theories. This is a platform where you can acquire real income-generating skills from people who have already experienced success and where you can build connections with individuals who can help you achieve your goals.”

There are many ways entrepreneurs, especially ones at the same level as Sperber, Marion and Fleyshman can do to give back. And for the most part, they’ve done just about everything from donating to charitable drives, mentoring, and sponsoring individuals and organizations. But for them, the one that really creates ripples is knowledge sharing and connecting people. 

“If you’re sitting at home, you’re uncertain, you don’t know what to do, you don’t know what to sell, you don’t know what the first step or the second step or the third step is, the 100 Million Academy has the plan. We have the solution. What we’ve done here is take the best learnings that we can share with everyone, put them together, and added more value just to help people find more drive to learn and succeed,” adds Sperber.

To learn more about 100 Million Academy including their programs, instructors and specific terms and benefits, you may visit www.100millionacademy.com.