It is important to remember that you can die at any second. And if this happens, let all your strengths that have already been spent on life, may they not be in vain.

Fill your life with meaning and deeds! Evolve! Where there is no development, there is degradation!

Develop spiritually and physically, read useful books, broaden your horizons, surround yourself only with wise and kind people, avoid whiners, critics and gossips.

Do not fight bad habits, but replace them with good ones.

If you do not exercise, your muscles atrophy! If you are lazy laziness, replace part of the passive rest with an active one.

Remember the benefits of eating vegetables and fruits for the mind, good mood, energy and health!

Remember how important the correct daily routine is: to go to bed early and get up early, and part of the evening activities can be carried over to the morning – a matter of habit.

One hour of sleep before 12 at night is equal to two after. Good sleep enhances quick thinking and helps to unleash creativity.

Constantly analyze what and how you: eat, think, speak, do.

Dream more often, constantly twist your dream in your head, and it will come true, Be as ambitious as possible!

Never impose your point of view, explain it only if you are asked about it.

Do not argue, it is not profitable in any case; even if you win, you will be subconsciously treated worse than if you lost.

Constantly look for communication with people whose interests are similar to yours!

Do not listen to anyone trying to dissuade you from your dream, from your goals, many just want you to fail.

Take a chance! No risk, no victories. Risk is the possibility of both victory and defeat. But to not try is to surrender right away, to lose.

Making money on what you love to do is the easiest way to not work. and in an instant become a happy person, having regained its true “I”.

Think less and say less – do more, you can learn to swim only in water.

Do you want your plans to collapse? Talk about them everywhere.

Rules of Life that will take you to new heights

When a question arises in the head, only the soul will give the correct answer – this is the voice of your conscience. Act conscientiously, no matter how sophisticated your mind can justify you.

Appreciate your time! Always ask yourself: “What am I doing now, will lead me to my dreams? If not, why am I doing this? ”

If you want the world to become kinder, start with your own mood and the mood of others. Smile more often, especially in the face of enemies and difficulties! Remember – they are your teachers!

Learn to value the experience, especially the negative. Learn to be offended and learn to forgive.

Learn to evaluate situations from the perspective of different people. Beware of premature findings.

The principles are not always relevant. Throughout life, they often change, be simpler and condescending.

The art of listening is more valuable than the art of speaking.

Remember that what was left was not ours, ours will not leave us. It makes no sense to return and return, it is important to understand that your half is still in search of you!

Keep a balance of your attitude towards people and things so that the “law of meanness” does not happen to you. Just don’t want something too much and don’t hate anything.

I am sure you have noticed more than once what happened when desire was already weakening, and what annoyed filled your life.

Use the law of boomerang – do good! And if you are a masochist, do nasty things to others, deceive, steal and steal. Both will return to you with a vengeance.

Be yourself, you have to pay for masks, or stay with those who need your mask, but not you. At the same time, there is a chance not to let into your life those who would love you the way you really are.

Accept yourself as nature has created you; they won’t love you until you love yourself.

Forget all the excuses, take responsibility for your life into your own hands; there are no circumstances, there is only your desire, or unwillingness.

Make a habit of comparing yourself only to the best, not the worst, if you want to get better, not worse.

Learn to be happy with the happy, such as children.

Thank everything you have only in this case you will have the opportunity to have the best.

Let it be given to you! Do not judge and will not be judged! Believe, and it will be according to your faith!

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