Our polarizing times make us feel like there are deep divides that separate us.

All the races, cultures, religions, and societies can seem so different on the surface.

They’re not. Our notions about them are entirely made up.

We have a lot of assumptions about what it means to be a human.

“Your assumption, and the truth, dine at totally separate tables.” — J Michael Straczynski

Here’s what science says:

Humans are not violent by nature.

Humans have to be conditioned to kill. They have to be indoctrinated into violence.

The scientific case is the opposite of violence. We’re wired for empathy.

We have cells in our brains called mirror neurons. They fire whether we are engaging in a particular behavior ourselves or we are observing another person do it.

This wires us to connect with others and create social bonds. It’s what enables us to have empathy.

“It seems we’re wired to see other people as similar to us, rather than different” —Vittorio Gallese, Neuroscientist

Women are biologically more resilient than men.

It’s in the chromosomes.

Pair an X with an X and the result is a female. Pair an X with a Y and the result is a male.

The male combination is biologically more vulnerable. It makes the male more susceptible to hereditary diseases and deformities.

Approximately 160 males are conceived per 100 females.

Due to the the less stable chromosome combination, the spontaneous abortion rate is higher in males, so approximately 105 males are born per 100 females.

Over the years, females eventually outnumber males, reversing the original ratio.

These statistics defy what we’re socialized to believe about the sexes.

The notion that women are fragile or weak has been used as an excuse to allow unequal treatment.

Race is a man-made construct, not backed by biology.

Skin color is biologically rooted. All our beliefs about what that means are made up.

Skin color is barely skin deep. The cells that produce the pigments of our skin are about half a milometer deep.

Beyond that, we’re all the same color.

We’re born into a culture and a society. We’re taught our cultural beliefs.

Similar to what we make it mean to be a man or a woman, we make up beliefs about what it means to be black or to be white.

Then we allowed these beliefs to be reasons to treat people differently.

“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” –Nelson Mandela

Your body is self healing and self regulating.

Americans have a love affair with medicines, drugs, and fancy procedures.

None of these supply healing. Only the body can heal.

A doctor doesn’t heal you. The bandage on your finger doesn’t heal you.

Your body has a intricate communication line between its central nervous system (brain and spinal nerves) and the body’s systems.

When this communication system is working freely, the body heals and regulates itself.

This healing system works in all ages, all races, all genders, all nations, and all classes.

“Every organ in your body is connected to the one under your hat.” — BJ Palmer

So there you go. Some random scientific truths to bring home the fact that we are much more alike than we are different.

We all enter and eventually leave this physical world. Everything between start and finish is made up.

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