In times when the temperature falls, you would definitely need a blanket to provide you comfort and warmth in your bed. Blankets are like unsung and unseen and it’s a duvet or comforter which takes top expenses being a star of bed and it provides you ultimate softness which your skin craves. A blanket is highly needed in cold nights to keep your body warm.  Most of the people think that buying a blanket doesn’t include any thinking processes and the thing which matters the selection of right color and size is just but this is necessarily not the situations because selecting the right blanket for your bed requires something more.  

Selecting the appropriate size 

If you want to buy a blanket to meet your bed requirements, then you need to select the larger size of the blanket which is enough to cover the corners of bed and mattress and there should be some extra inches left which would tuck around the bed’s sides. Well, there is a variety of sizes in a blanket and that variety is different in each manufacturer.  You can select between twin, queen and king size which are available normally.  

Selecting right fabric 

This is something bit tricky. Well, there is not so much variety in blanket fabrics but those which are available have their own benefits so you need to see what suits you better by viewing the characteristics of each fabric. 


Cotton blankets normally are easily washable and they are free from all allergies and are a good choice for those who suffer from allergies. The cotton blankets are normally light weighted and are often used as summer blankets.  


The down blankets are somehow similar to the down comforters, but they are thin and light. Normally the down blankets include feathered downed layers and substitute fabric layers due to which these blankets regardless of their being lightweight are warmer than others. For the people who have an allergy to feathers, could select the down blankets with synthetic substitutes.  


Wool blankets normally are warmer and heavier, and they have got outstanding insulation due to which if there is any moisture, it keeps on evaporating. These blankets most probably are a great choice for winter but not for the people who are allergic to wool.  


Cashmere is silky and warm blankets which are especially for the people who like luxurious lifestyles and they are also expensive than the other options stress


These blankets are not so much heavy and are extra warm and a better option to be used in winter and are more popular to be used by children. They are good in wicking away the moisture.   


There are several synthetics which are used in making blankets while the most common among them are microfiber, polyester, and acrylic. These blankets usually are warm and inexpensive, and they are most of the times subject to wear and pilings because they are good to deal for the static electricity.  

As far as comfort is concerned ynm weighted blanket is designed to surround your body while sleeping  


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