IKEA  Sells More than 2 millions of meatballs everyday; this shows meat lovers craziness towards meatballs. We know gifting things that suits someone’s passion is always a great idea. 

You can gift meat lovers gift for meatball lovers too. However, that sounds generic, why not let’s choose a gift that is more personalised for meatball lovers?

In this article, I’ll provide you with 6 cool gifts for who love to cook meatballs; most important, they are available online.

1. Tees
T-shirt with customized text are always carried emotion. As per a recent study, customized t-shirt market going to be $10 billion with 6.5% CAGR by 2025.

What can we learn from this?

People love customized t-shirts more than ever.  So, the only thing you have to do is finding an online customized t-shirt printing service. Vistaprint, customink are quite a popular service that provides the same.

If you are in a hurry, I have listed below a funny tee for meatball available in Amazon.


2. Meat grinder
This one is for meatball lovers who make his/her own meatball. If the person whom you are gifting loves cooking, you can gift this. Even if they don’t cook, you can motivate them. Homemade meatballs can be prepared with lots of customization that fast-food joints don’t have.

While looking for the meat grinder, I’ll suggest you visit grinderselect.com by Stacy who writes about various meat grinders & additional grand meat recipes.

Additionally, you can read the buying guide by Michael.

3. Meatball Scoop
Meatballs are not meatballs if they are not round in shape. You’ll be happy to know that without using hands, you can prepare round shaped meatballs Now make the thing easier by gifting them meatball scoop.  


4. Wallmart Cook Book
While we are talking about online gifts, there are still some people who love to shop for meat from supermarkets. The Wallmart gift-card is the 4th best option we have selected to gift. The advantage of gift-card is its flexibility. With Wallmart gift voucher, they can buy online or offline as per their need.

Even if they are not going to buy ground meat, that can use a gift card to buy other stuff too. 

You can buy Wallmart gift-card from Wallmart website or Amazon. It’s advisable to gift physical card than virtual one as you can craft & pack physical card with personalize stuff.

5. Meatball Cook Book
Cookbooks are one of the most exquisite gifts for any cookaholic. Here’s the list of cookbooks delicately covers only meatball recipes which you can gift.

The Meatball Shop Cookbook Book by Daniel Holzman, Lauren Deen, and Michael Chernow

The Complete Meatball Cookbook: Over 200 Mouthwatering Recipes  Book by Ellen Brown

Meatball Recipes by Sarah J

You can combine 4-5 such books are gift them. Remember to write some sweet messages in the hamper.

So, these are the five easy gift ideas for any cookaholic who loves to cook meatballs. Home prepared meatballs contain emotion, love and IKEA’s meatballs may include horse meats (..cough).