Flexible Work Design Improves More Than Employee Satisfaction

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a way to improve your work life. Who does not want? One way is to throw away unnecessary papers; But I would like to suggest some more rigorous (and influential) tips with the following five tips that will illuminate your world by making your workplace a happier, more mutually positive place. Because, in all forms of disorder, it is emotional disturbances – drama and negativity – it is the most disturbing and complicating life.

As summer vacation comes and goes, it is an opportunity to get away from our field for some time. When you return to yourself, take a fresh look at it, not only on desks and shelves, but in all the people you surround yourself with and how you spend your time with them.

There is no better time to end our busy lives and focus on where it really needs to be: the people we care about.

It’s like walking into your closet and getting rid of what you haven’t worn in a few years. Here are some mental messages that will help to demolish your brain to make room for good things.

  1. Self-protective and antisocial thoughts: sweep them away!

It is perfectly natural to worry about your region, your thoughts and your position in the world. Of course, you do not want to give up all your successful techniques and habits. But if you do this, you will find that you have won, not in business.

I do not have a secret method, and it involves removing those apprehensions that help others grow taller than you. Take a deep breath each morning and promise to challenge the people around you to change your world for the better and uplifting. When you exhale let all the fear and excuses go away. Lose 10 pounds of ugly self-doubt without exercise!

  1. Time: Spend it like you spend money.

invisalign says Shop around and get yourself something shiny and new: in this case, a connection (or more). Do not be happy with your circle of colleagues; Connect with networking groups or start your own. Pledge to spend time in a real, meaningful conversation with a new person every week, for example, and then integrate that new relationship into your life.

  1. Give: Make philanthropy a big idea in your life.

You don’t have a million dollars to get a hospital wing with your name on it. So what? Decline your life while improving someone else’s quality. Bring healthy snacks or fresh flowers to an informal meeting when no one is expecting you. When you tour the city, take $ 2 with you to buy a newspaper or coffee for a homeless person shaking football parents in a local park. Give books and magazines to a broken young colleague when you are done with them. Donate some of your work clothes to a charity that helps people get their first job.

  1. Inclusion: Make it into every shot you make.

Match the donations in your to-do list for each line. There is room for a gift element in each of them: a new project, a new hire, a business trip, a personal sales purpose. Involve abroad, integrate charitable work and volunteer time for you and your employees, structure working relationships to accommodate mentoring and teaching.

  1. Plan: Compress your kindness into a regular part of your schedule.

Make others your priority every day, but choose a specific day to focus on. The Greater Good website suggests that you select five ‘acts of kindness’ and do all of them in a row on a chosen day each week, because when you do many things, you will feel happy. He is more than enough for you. Nice to have together