So you are locked. You have completed your Netflix list, and you are tired of talking about the news with your flat friend.

Don’t need to take tension, there are still plenty of free things to do.

We have collected a list of 50 fun and free things to do using your internet connection or items you already have to help you get through locked weeks.

It is time to disconnect and enjoy your own company! 

Watch a movie!

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Netflix and Amazon Prime aren’t your only choices, and you don’t have to pay to subscribe to watch lots of amazing films.

Open culture has a great list of 1,150 free movies that you can watch online today. If you have a university or library card that qualifies, you might also have access to Kanopy, which offers thousands of more movie options for free.

Watch documentaries!

If you involve in something a little more brain, several websites give you access to free documentaries.

Whether you are a shark, a revolution, or a serial killer, you will find something interesting to watch for when locked. Some great sites include Tube Documentaries. Top Documentary Films, and Paradise Documentaries.

Try a fitness challenge!

Have you lost the gym? There are many fitness challenges that you can try from home so that you can get out of the lock, slimmer, or healthier.

You can try 100 pushup challenges, squat challenges, or do 30-day bodyweight exercises to stay healthy at home for free.

Make sure you don’t push too hard early on and warm up thoroughly before doing any exercise.

Organize House party!

If you still want to meet your friends – do it in a virtual House party.

This application allows for large group video chats so you can gather to drink, chat, or to enjoy few friendly faces for some hours.

Cook something new!

One good thing about coming home often is that you can finally spend time cooking from the start.

You will have a chance to search for great recipes online, even if you are on a limited budget.

Jack Monroe’s recipes are specially made for people on a tight budget or relying on a food bank, while Miguel Barclay is famous for only one pound of food.

Play the board game!

Lovers of board games will be happy to know that there are multiple accesses to play your favorite games online, so you will not have to wait for the locking to end to try your new Scythe strategy or finally play Terraforming Mars with your group of friends. 

Websites like Tabletopia are offering free accounts for players, but you might need to pay to play some of the more famous or newer games.

Learn languages!

Always want to speak Italian? Intrigued by Norwegian? Think that Mandarin will be beneficial for work, or maybe German?

Lockdown ultimately gives you plenty of time to dedicate new language learning, improve vocabulary, and test pronunciation.

Write a novel!

Is it time for you to make rather than consume?

If you always want to write a novel but never find the time or inspiration, this is your best chance to avail. Shakespeare, as per sources, wrote King Lear in isolation during the plague, so it is the right time; maybe this lockdown is when you will write your work.

If you’re not aware of where to start, we have a free course on how to begin writing fiction, so you are on the right track.

Understand nutrition!

The comfort of eating during lockdown is understandable, but it will not help you enter a happier and healthier summer.

Knowing the nutrition and how food affects your body, health, and mood will help you make more significant decisions for your overall well-being and even better using your current cupboard.

Our Food as Medicine course is significantly one of the most popular courses and has helped millions of people better understand how what they eat affects the way they think and feel.


Meditation and attention not only help people stay calm – practitioners around the world rely on it to help them focus, stay present, and appreciate what they have.

It’s a simple concept that is difficult to master, but you can start now, at home, and see if it works for you.

Plan a vacation!

If you are willing enough to have a job that allows you to work from home, for now, you might save money on trips and buy lunch every day.

Why not count how much you have saved through a lockdown and put it into a holiday?

You can plan to stay home, catch up on all the things you have missed, or go further to experience something new.

Improve your communication skills!

Worried that being home alone erodes your communication skills?

You can increase it when you are at home to help you relieve tension at work, excel at group work, and add soft skills on demand to your CV.

Old cycling clothes or accessories!

Have a complete wardrobe that you rarely use? Or many basic needs that lack personality? You can update, reuse, or update everything from old t-shirts to shoes and garden pots. Find out what you want to use and find the project on Upcycle to get you started.

Clean your house!

Between dusty skirting boards, dirty tiles, and stained carpets, your home can offer disturbances for days if you feel like doing deep cleaning as you delay.

There are plenty of cleaning guides online if the task seems too big, and concentrating on one room will make you divide the work.

Read or listen to books!

If your new year resolves to read further, you can achieve it this year.

You can finally handle a large stack of novels next to your bed or (if your mattress is neat enough) you can find something interesting in Lots of Books. If you prefer audiobooks, try Audible for free.

 Start a virtual book club!

Want to chat about your book afterward? Start the virtual book club! You can approve free books and gather to chat and more recommendations. It’s the good way to stay in connected with friends or make new ones.