First of all, let me start by asking you some questions.  Do you think that you are good for nothing? Do you doubt yourself while doing something? If the answers were positive, you are not self-confident. Its ok nobody is born with limitless self-confidence. Self-confidence can be made up through hard work. If you see someone who seems to have incredible self-confidence, its show that he or she has worked for years on building it. In this challenging world, it is essential to build self-confidence so that you are not left alone.

Self-confidence is something that may take a long time to build it up, but sometimes a single critic from someone or a negative comment from those who are closest may even destroy the confidence that you have built. It just means that you are self-confident but your inner self still doubts on your skills. So it would be our first step, we would have to deal with our inner critic and self-doubt that makes us think that we are not good enough. After fixing this, your basement is strong now let’s look at the other ways to build up your self-confidence further.

Make your mind strong through visualization

You would be thinking of how visualization could make your mind strong. Here is the thing, at the moment in our life when we struggle with low self-esteem, visualize a moment in your mind that you are proud. Visualize the fantastic version of yourself over and over, and it would help you see that you are not that bad and it would help you to achieve your goals.

Affirm yourself

Affirmations are uplifting and positive statements that we say to ourselves. This can make a change in how you view yourself. While affirming yourself, it is better if you say out loud so that you are able to hear you say it, it’s more effective than saying it in your mind. We all tend to believe something if we keep telling it ourselves constantly. For example, if you don’t like your looks, by looks, I meant physical appearance. Next time while you are to look into the mirror, say something that you like about yourself, like your hair, eyes, etc. This would make your brain accept that you are better in looks since the brain has a tendency to accept your positive statements more quickly. Always affirm yourself before doing anything that you are good at that stuff rather than questioning yourself.

Do something that scares you

This is the common thing said by everyone, face your fear. The best way to face our fear is to do the scariest thing each day, like if you are scared of height then go to the top of a mountain. By facing your fear each day, you are gaining confidence in yourself. From each and every experience, you will see that your self-confidence has reached the next level. You would start to think that “if I can do this, I will be able to do that also”. So, get out of your comfort zone and do something that you are scared of.

This article was first published on elephant journal