As we grow in knowledge and understanding, we are able to form better opinions about the issues of life. Views will always be changing as wise people will always be seeking for better and new information.

Progress comes through change and renewal. Many of our problems are born from our refusal to change, we hold on to outdated principles and ideas.

We should always be open to the new and not afraid to change our perspectives, to be willing to erase the old when necessary, to give place to the new.

We need the wisdom to discern what matters in life. To think as we ought to think, about things that are important and good and essential to the happiness and progress of mankind.

Always remember that our thoughts translate to ideas that we use to take action to do things that will determine our life.

So is our personal responsibility to use well the knowledge we have, to grow physically, mentally and spiritually and use all our talents constructively and even when we do fail, to learn from our mistakes and go forward.

I read once that most hospital beds were occupied, by people with mental illnesses! It seems that most of our real problems are inside our heads. So it stands to reason, that by learning to use our mental faculties in a constructive and positive way, we could avoid many of these ills that plague mankind.

We need clear and definite ideas, clear reasons why we do what we do, as the old book teach us, whatsoever things are pure, clean, honest of good report, think of this things. Clear and positive thinking are the basis for a good life.

The understanding of the truth, rather than the ordinary and superficial thought, that is usually influenced daily by the marketing campaigns of corporations to make us buy things we don’t need, worry about problems that are not our concern and buy medicines for sicknesses we don’t have.

We need to learn to think for ourselves and only then we can determine what is important and good for us personally. This requires us to think deeply to be able to enlarge our perceptions and understanding. This is what forms our character, develops our mind, enriches our souls and set us up on the right road of life.

What is really important are the perceptions and ideas we cultivate, as they ultimately determine our destinies. Is as our lives are controlled by this inside forces, our ideas, convictions, desires, fears, ambitions, expectations, motives, the unseen powers that guide our lives, whether we understand it or not.

If this unseen powers inside of us are good and positive, it will unleash great amounts of well being, happiness and eventually success in every facet of our lives. But if it is negative and evil, will accomplish exactly the opposite.So it is important! For our personal, business, social and romantic relations, in fact, for every aspect of our journey in this world. Is a must, to develop the ability to think clearly!

This takes discipline, as our minds are trained to wonder since the first time we entered a classroom in kindergarten, and daydreamed as the teachers tried to teach us.

One of our most important responsibilities is to really think about what really matters for our lives. There is so much good out there, and thinking of the good, positive and constructive side of life will help us to reap and great life for us and our circles, at home, at work and everywhere we go.