A lot of people just want to get this weird year over with, and then they’ll make their New Year New You resolutions. Except the resolutions aren’t even new for a lot of people because 80% of them failed by mid-February last year, so here we go again. 

Same 5 pounds. Getting your schedule under control. Whatever it is for you. What is the point of this? I got an idea!

What If?

What if…and stay with me here because this may be different…what if the unresolved resolution served a purpose precisely because it was unresolved! What if we actually got it done, whatever it was, and never had to think about it again, ever. 

Then what would we be thinking about as much as we obsessed about that 5 lbs. or whatever it was. Something scary, something outside of our comfort zone, I am going to guess.

After all, we’ve been thinking about the unresolved thing so much for so long that it has become a normal, natural part of life and living just the way it is—unresolved.

BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Good to Great author Jim Collins introduced the BHAG, for Big Hairy Audacious Goal, and we should all have one. But I’m suggesting here that we all already do have one and, as long as it is masked, we can’t even know what it is.

Reverse engineering here, that would make the failed resolution protective against the scary unknown that lies beyond. Like what? 

In my own case, I don’t even know what happens after I get my thing done but, by golly, I am going to find out. And I am going to find out by getting the thing from last year done and out of the way, NOW, way before the clock strikes midnight 2021. 

This makes the idea of 2021 not just an end to 2020 but potentially the first day of one of the greatest adventures of my life. And you?

Join Me!

If you can relate, hope you will join me—get it done or put it down—and let us know in the comments below what glorious goal you find waiting for you!

Warm wishes always,