There’s one company whose commercial you won’t be seeing this Sunday night, and for good reason. Kraft Heinz Co. is using the money they would have spent on a pricey Super Bowl ad (which can cost upwards upwards of $5 million for a 30-second ad) and giving their salaried employees Monday off instead.

Kraft Heinz has coined a term for the new holiday — “Smunday” — and said that since “16 million people across the country are expected to call in sick after the Super Bowl, causing a $1 billion loss in productivity,” they decided to give employees the day off, according to The company even started this petition calling for the U.S government to declare “Smunday” a national holiday.

Some, however, have criticized the fact that part-time and hourly employees aren’t included in the company’s holiday. (Kraft Heinz hasn’t commented on that matter.)


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