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Nobody can bring the objectives of this deal together but You!

After a couple of decades of coaching people through healing themselves from ailments, depression and general pain, and helping them see that they are creators, and that we have a hand in everything that happens in our life; I can tell you that the commitment to self is one of the greatest hurdles for moving forward and achieving noticeable change. 

The best person for getting the job done is YOU!

Personal development is one of the terms used for our line of work. 

I have listened to people say that they have been to dozens of workshops. Then I notice their questions today, are the same as the first workshops, years ago! 

The ‘personal’ work is not being done. Only once a person starts to apply the techniques, the systems, the routines and the practices that are being taught, can any change be measured. Let’s talk about integrating and applying the new knowledge.

Why do people pay money to acquire new knowledge, systems and practices and then ignore them completely. I was just observing a 12 year old child putting all his energy into obtaining a toy. I want it, I want it, I want it, he said. OK, the Parent gave in and bought it. Once home and after 20 minutes of playing with the newly acquired toy, it was never touched again. I verified that through later questioning the Parent.

This is what it is like for the workshop junky; the person who takes one course after another. It is like acquiring the ‘toy’, the shinny object or the ‘thing’.

“Was the objective just to obtain it?”

Once obtained, the mission is accomplished, and one returns to the scenario that generated unhappiness and pain in the first place. How come nothing is changing?!?

Phase 7 is all about implementation. It is about applying and integrating the new ideas. In the first phase we pinpointed the pain. Then we worked through the process of identifying the Seed Event and making the connection between something that happened in our life in the past, that is having an effect on our present scenario. 

We worked through some of those factors in order to get to some form of acceptance and resolution. Our addiction to our past and revisiting and empowering those memories does not serve us – here and now. So redefining and understanding what the past really represents in our present day is part of the process of moving forward. 

Again, it is not about denying the past; it is about acceptance, resolution and moving on. There has to be break with reliving and returning to memories that are not serving us. Then comes the need for a new plan, perhaps a new direction, and most often a new mindset; a new way of seeing things and a perception that can move us forward.

Then we move into establishing new routines, systems and way of doing things. 

If you want change in your life, then something has to change. We looked at exercise and nutrition as fundamental aspects that need to be re-evaluated in our life. 

So now that we have a new plan, a new paradigm, new ways of doing things, it is now time to apply all that has been discovered and learned. There is no point in going through all these exercises and processes if we are not going to apply any of it to our daily life. There is no point to all this, if you just click onto the next ‘possibility’, the next technique, the next Group or the next Membership, and do it all over again.

If what needs changing has been identified.

If letting go of the past has happened.

If the new paradigm and plan is in place.

If the new platform, systems and routines are found.

THEN, it is time for ACTION !!

Now it is time to start applying all the knowledge that has been accumulated. For many it is about accountability. Is there someone in your life who can help with insuring that change is applied and maintained? With personal trainers and weight loss programs we can see the accountability factor.

A coach or trainer asks the question, “Are you following the program?” 

With personal trainers, you have to show up and do the exercise routines in front of them. Some trainers exercise right by your side. I like to do this with breathing exercises. I take you through the exercise, which ensures you are doing it!

With weight loss programs there has to be a certain amount of monitoring as well. There is no room for “binging” anymore,,, not even once! In Alcoholics Anonymous you can’t “slip”, as they say. If accountability is what you need, then make it so. 

Expose yourself to a system that will keep you on the path.

If it is the path of awakening, then seek out the same environment of accountability. 

A life change coach is someone who can take you through the process of change, and be there, be congruent, be the example and the guiding light.

I’m not talking about “Guru” status here, it is more like an accountability partner or and accountability tribe; a group of people with the same perspective and objectives.

Some people are self-driven. Some people can follow a program and a process of change without assistance. My experience shows me there are few people who can do it by themselves. We are not solitary beings, we are social beings. We need each other. 

“We are not safe in isolation”


Reach out if you need to talk! A conversation with a stranger is GOLD when dealing with our personal challenges. Our Friends and Family can’t always understand what to do next… especially if it means big changes that might take us away to another place!!

Don’t change for change sake. It is not good to change because we think it is cool to change. Change can happen within our existing scenario… that is Kool too!

There is nothing permanent but change

It is what we change and how we change that will determine how successful we are! This is where the integration of new processes into our life either shines or falls flat. We must choose change that serves us, serves our family and friends, serves society and serves the collective that call our species, as well as greater good of all life on earth.

Let’s do this!

Make today the day!

Choose to be Present of ever!

Choose to be whole, intentional and committed!

Looking forward to Phase 8

Breathe Deep My Friend,

Marcus Dupuis      ~     Elemental Living     ~    Brain Change Consulting


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