Man running as the sun rises, representing action in life

Laziness is innate to every human being. It is our natural tendency to feel better when comfortable. However, comfort never leads to growth. It is when we break our shells and step into the uncomfortable that the real growth happens. It demands action. I had a tough time discovering the same.

I was a lazy guy for most of my life. I lived a relaxed life. I had big dreams, but I was not willing to work hard enough. I made affirmations in my journal and if you read it, you might find it very inspirational. But the biggest mistake I made is that I kept lying to myself. Each day I would put in a trifling amount of work and lie to myself that I’d done enough. I put on a drama pretending to work hard. Under this pretense, I was chilling, most of the time. I found a foolproof way to cheat myself—conveniently ignoring the truth.

Gradually, I was addicted to comforts. My ego was drunk and it carefully hid my real self behind a veil. Eventually, my personal and professional growth hit rock bottom.

Today is the only day you can take action!

Every positive story involves change; from the dead to alive, from slow to fast, from asleep to awake. So is my case! I was downed by chickenpox, and could barely move for 3 days. Those were probably the worst days of my life in a really long time. I suffered mentally and physically; I barely slept. I was physically exhausted, but my mind was awake. I had time to think about everything.

After a lot of thinking, I was filled with regret, of having whiled away my precious time, of having attained no growth despite being in the prime of my youth. I despised myself. I decided this was it. I promised myself just one thing; that I’d never EVER lie to myself.

It made a big change in my life. I stopped confining my actions to just writing heavy words. Instead, I focussed all my energy on taking actions. I made a plan. And wrote down how to get to each goal step-by-step. With this newfound direction, I continue my journey. I’m still far from success, but I work my ass off. I act towards my goals every day, without fail. I fill in at least one activity that takes me closer to my goals. And deep in my heart, I know I’m on my way.