Omon Babanov runs multiple e-commerce stores and is the CEO/founder of Marketing of Tomorrow. Growing up he always had that entrepreneurial spirit. He was flipping things for a couple bucks here and there, and in 7th grade he decided to participate in the virtual stock market. Within 3 months his stock picks had done over $200k and he won 3rd place in a competition and got invited to speak to others about his journey. During his high school years, he started to run some business and immediately grew a passion for it. Then he began to realize that the education system today leaves students in thousands of dollars in debt with a full time job that does not pay enough. In this interview Omon goes over what he does now.

Why did you decide to go into this industry?

Omon: In the beginning of my journey with e-commerce, I had gone through multiple problems and methods that lost me thousands. After sewing success with multiple stores of mine, I’ve decided to fill in the gaps so other small businesses wouldn’t have to go through

What’s your mission?

Omon: At Marketing of Tomorrow we try our best to work dedicated students and guide them through the right path while producing results. Our goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as we can through our 1-On-1 coaching, and mentorships. We want everyone to realize that financial freedom is possible, and E-Commerce, and Digital Marketing can definitely be an outlet to achieve just that.

What makes you stand out among all other entrepreneurs in the marketing industry/What success have you had?

Omon: At Marketing of Tomorrow we try to produce the most profits possible. Our students stores are at about 40-50% profit margins while others are as low as 10%. In the end your starting a business for profit not revenue. Many entrepreneurs can show off their big numbers of revenue but many can not reveal their profit margins. We always take on students with the  1-On-1 approach. When working with entrepreneurs, and business owners, we try make all the information we teach personalized and unique.

What would you say to those who want to become an entrepreneur but are hesitant to?/What would you say the most important thing to do is when taking that first step into entrepreneurship?

Omon: Everyone has the same opportunities, not everyone has the same hustle. It’s your job to work harder.

What’s the best way for people to contact you?

If you’d like to contact Marketing of Tomorrow , our Instagram is @marketingtomorrow


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