Del McClain’s story starts very similar to most people’s. He was feeling lost, working different jobs, feeling unsatisfied with the life he was living. Then he decided that there had to be more to life than working a 9-5 job, that he had a purpose.

From a very young age, McClain knew the importance of getting ahead in life. For his 18th birthday he decided to get a job to mark the beginning of his “adulthood”. He held a couple of different jobs, but they all felt as if he were wasting away his talents. He was constantly  asking himself, “Why can’t I have an opportunity to use my talents to do something amazing?” 

“I craved to work, loved it, but I could never find full satisfaction in anything I did. For as long as I can remember I have always had this one question when I felt I had reached my peak in a position. “Is this it?” I’ve always looked for the meaning of life and that question,” he pointed out. 

Finally, after years of struggling to find meaning in his personal and professional career, he found his true calling. The credit restoration and financial literacy business became the driving force that changed his life in ways he didn’t see possible. Helping people restore their credit while also showing them how to leverage their credit to make it work for them was his way of using his talents to help others. He also decided to focus on financial literacy, information that wasn’t taught in schools for his generation. 

The word credit is one that McClain always had trouble understanding. Growing up, he often made jokes about having bad credit. It wasn’t until he finally decided to look into fixing his credit that he realized the importance and the lack of information that was out there.

“Being here right now, having this amazing opportunity to change lives, to lead, to teach, to learn, to be exactly what I envisioned as a little boy, that’s what life it’s all about,” states McClain. 

In addition, Del stresses the importance of having the right mindset when entering the business world. McClain believes you have to be strong willed to be able to overcome all of the trials and battles you’ll face.

“I feel like if you can’t get passed the obstacles put in front of you, then you don’t deserve it. You gotta have the right mind-frame to start a business or you could lose it all,” stressed McClain.

His passion is helping people find their inner worth. To help everyone remember their inner self, that kid deep inside, the things they used to dream about. He wants to be able to show people that it is possible. 

“I’m living proof that you can reconnect to what matters most. You can find your passion deep down, you just have to live and listen. Find your peace, stay balanced, and restore yourself before you try to help someone else. Hurt people Hurt people,” he advises.

Peaceful Balance Restored, the name of McClain’s business stemmed from the things he strives for in his everyday life, peace and balance. This business has become the vehicle for McClain to do the things he’s always wanted to do, which includes teaching them the importance of financial literacy and how to attain financial freedom. 

In the end, his biggest goal in this business is to help thousands of people see their worth. He wants to help them achieve their dreams, and give everyone the chance that he wishes he had as a young kid, hungry to succeed in this world. To be able to share this information and truly change households of families friends and everyone he encounters has become his life’s calling, and he is determined to succeed.